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New Student Admissions & Registration

We are so glad that you have chosen to join us at Trinity Valley Community College for the next step in your education.  Whether you are here as a pit-stop on your way to a university, or here for vocational training before heading out into the workforce, the Advisement Center is here to serve your educational and career needs in any way that we are able.  

Before you can begin the registration process, students must complete their full admissions requirements.  If you are unsure where to get started on your admissions, there is a step-by-step enrollment process for new students available on our "Get Started" tab and select the type of student that best describes you to get started. 

All students new to TVCC must visit with an Academic Advisor prior to their first registration.  This meeting may serve as a dual purpose of establishing your degree plan pathway, in addition to your first registration.  It is vital to our students' success that we discuss degree plans, career goals, and your academic needs prior to enrollment in courses. There are many options to meet with an advisor and complete registration. Just click any of the buttons that say "Get on Waitlist" or "Meet with an Advisor" to get started.



New Student Resources:



Be sure you have completed your admissions before registering.

Campus Tours

Plan a visit to familiarize yourself with campus.



What is advising and why is it required?  

Testing Center

Entrance testing may be required before course registration.

Registration Information

Know how and when to register for classes.


New Student Holds

Find out what different holds in your Student Portal mean.


Staying on campus? Get your packet in early.

Distance Learning

TVCC has many online courses available to fit your busy schedule.


Dual Credit

Not a high school grad yet?  You still have options.

Cardinal Success Center

Our student-friendly study center is here to help you.

Tutoring Services

TVCC offers free tutoring during most regular semester.


Disability Services

Find information on accommodations.


Login Help

You have so many resources within your student portals, get signed in today!