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How to: Look up your textbook list


  Navigate to the TVCC Bookstore Website

The registration process will no longer be providing a required textbook list for students.  You will need to navigate over to the bookstore webpage,, to review your textbook requirements each semester.  Once you arrive at the home page, select "Order Textbooks" from the "Textbook" menu at the top of the page towards the left.

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  Locate Textbooks by Course

Choose your semester, and then you can begin to look up your textbooks by course title abbreviation, course number, and lastly course section number.  You can add several courses at once, before clicking the "View Your Materials" option at the bottom right of the page.

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  View, print, or order you supplies

Once the site has generated your booklist, you can view the required materials for your coming semester.  From this page you can print your booklist, or continue with your order online.  TVCC's Bookstore now has the option for you to purchase online, and have them shipped to you.  You can also pick your order up on any of the three main campuses.

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5/15/2024 9:38:08 AM