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Canvas allows me to focus on learning my content. I took the time to understand how to navigate Canvas, but it's easy to use! I was able to move on quickly in my classes.

-TVCC SummerII Student




Distance Learning Quick Access Resources




The TVCC Department of Distance Learning is committed to advancing the quality of our distance learning education to meet or exceed the standards of our courses delivered in a traditional, face-to-face manner. The mission of the department is to lead student success and life-long learning with advancements to instructional technology and support for all Cardinals (faculty and students) utilizing distance learning courses, and/or instructional technology resources.

Holley Collier, Ed.D.  Hi Holley Image

Director Distance Learning 

Fun Fact - She is a proud TVCC Alum! Go Cards! 

Karen McGrew 

Distance Learning Specialist 

Fun Fact - She has run crawfish traps in the swamps of La, and been a Directory Assistant operator for the Phone company, but the most fun job she had was working at a weigh station at a Sugar Mill in Southern Louisiana.

Judy Harmon Talk Soon Judy Image

Distance Learning Assistant

Fun Fact - She served as a medical volunteer at the Salt Lake City Olympics in 2002.