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Key Responsibilities of Distance Learning:


We offer a variety of support services specific to the needs of online students, to ensure that all students have the skills and resources necessary to succeed in any online setting.


We provide comprehensive training and support to faculty members, empowering them to excel in online teaching and the utilization of technology to improve their instructional techniques.


We help instructors learn ways to utilize the most innovative educational tools to develop engaging and interactive online learning experiences that boost student engagement and success.


We are dedicated to upholding the highest quality and integrity in our online courses, performing frequent assessments and evaluations to guarantee that our courses exceed accreditation and accommodation standards to deliver a beneficial learning experience for all of our students.


Canvas Support:

Jessie Melendez

LMS Administrator

(903) 675-6286


Kianna Madsen

Digital Support Specialist

(903) 670-2064


Judy Harmon

Digital Support Specialist (Weekends)



Instructional Design:

Andrea Sims

Instructional Designer

(903) 675-6376


Holley Collier, Ed. D.

Associate Vice President of Instructional Innovation and Support

(903) 675-6259


Contact Us:

Phone: 903-675-6286

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Office Hours: Mon-Fri: 8am-4:30pm

Weekend Support Hours *Email Only: Fri/Sun: 6pm-10pm

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