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Meet with an Advisor

TVCC has partnered with WaitWhile to make meeting with an advisor easier than ever!  There are many campuses and contact methods to choose from, so you can decide what is best for your busy schedule.  Get started anywhere you see the "Meet with an Advisor" button; we're looking forward to it!


Setup Your Advising Meeting



  Pick a campus to assist you.

TVCC has campuses in Athens, Palestine, Terrell, and a Terrell Health Science Center that are all happy to assist you. Keep in mind that some students, such as those in certain extra-curriculars or part of some student groups, chould see a specific advisor.


  Choose when you will complete your visit.

Students have the option to wait in a virtual line to get asssitance same day, or to schedule an appointment for later so that you know approximately when you will have your meeting. 

Schedule an Appointment

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Get Help Today

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  Tell us what we can help you with.

There are many services that our advisors are happy to help with, from program information and class registration to applying for your graduation.



  Choose the advisor you'd like to see.

Any advisor is happy to help you, but some services are only provided by certain members of the TVCC team, so be sure to schedule with someone who can best assist you. If you do not have a preference, first available is often the quickest option to connect with someone.



  Fill in you student information, and let us know how you would like to visit with us.

Provide information that will help identify you as a TVCC student, and select the modality of your meeting. TVCC advisors can meet with you several way to fit your busy schedule.


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Phone Call

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  Meet with you advisor at your appointment time, or after waiting in the same-day-service line.

Once you are signed up, you will receive text message and email updates about your appointment or your place in the virtual wait line. Be sure to be avaialble when the time comes via the contact metod you selected.



If you booked an appointment, you will want to make yourself available when your appointment time approaches.

  • For a face-to-face meeting arrive on campus about five minutes prior to your appointment time, and check in with the front desk in the advising office.
  • For phone or email appointments, keep an eye out for that incoming communication when the time of your meeting arrives.
  • For virtual Zoom advising, you will get a text message with your Zoom meeting information when your meeting time appraoches.


While our advisors do their best to meet at the appointed time, be aware that during peak hours you may experience a brief wait.

Same Day Service:

For same-day-service, you will receive text alerts when you are next in line to be served, and when your advisor is ready to meet with you..

  • For a face-to-face meeting, you can wait from anywhere on campus. When you receive a text alert that you are next in line, head back over to the advising office.
  • For phone or email appointments, keep an eye out for incoming communications. You will receive a text alert that you are next in line to help you be ready for that incoming communication.
  • For virtual Zoom advising, you will get a text message when you are next in line. Shortly after that, your Zoom meeting information will be texted for you to join your advisor virtually.