Registration FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

A : Generally once all of your admission paperwork has all been received and we have your TSI status, you are cleared to register for classes.  Not all plans of study require TSI testing, so be sure to speak with an advisor to find out your requirements.   After your initial registration, when you register for each semester is up to you.  TVCC tries to begin registration early each semester so be sure to check the calendar for when registration opens….it might be sooner than you think!

  • You CAN NOT register prior to submission of your Bacterial Meningitis shot record.
  • If you are required to submit TSI test scores, or prove exemption, you CAN NOT register prior to submitting scores.

A : TVCC does require all first time students and all students new to TVCC to meet with an advisor (advisors are available on each campus) prior to their initial registration.  This ensures you are put into the correct pathway and understand our registration process.  We also ask students who have completed 30 or more credit hours to see an advisor before the next registration for a 30-hour Degree Audit and to discuss graduation plans.   Otherwise you can self-register online through Cardinal Connection as long as you are eligible and feel comfortable about what courses you need to take.

A : Students who have not completed their developmental courses will NOT be able to register online, as well as students who are on academic probation/suspension.  Also first time students and those new to TVCC will have trouble registering online if they have not met with an advisor to set up their degree plan.  If you have completed 30 or more credit hours, you will be also blocked from online registration pending meeting with an advisor for your 30-hour Degree Audit. 

A : After building your initial schedule, you can make changes to it as many times as you would like through the end of registration.  These changes can be made with an advisor in the Advisement Center on any campus, or online through your Cardinal Connection. 

A : Schedule changes in Cardinal Connection can be made by selecting “Register for Classes,” choosing the proper semester, and then editing the section numbers appropriately for the changes you wish to make.  Be sure to hit “continue” and then again after viewing your new schedule.  You will see a “make changes” button, but be aware this option is available to make additional changes to your schedule; only the “continue” button will finalize the changes you have made.

A : The end of registration doesn’t mean your schedule is set in stone, however it does mean that schedule changes are no longer available online through Cardinal Connection.   You can still make changes by visiting the Advisement Center on any campus, typically through the FIRST TWO class days, though some short semesters may end changes at the end of the first class day.  Be sure to check the calendar each semester for the last day to change your schedule.

A : It depends on when you are trying to drop the course.  After the census date each semester, you can drop courses online through Cardinal Connection or by visiting the advisement center.  This option will remain available through the drop date each semester.  To drop a course prior to the end of registration, you may simply make the change to your schedule (refer to “How can I change my own schedule in Cardinal Connection” for instructions).  If registration has ended, please visit the Advisement Center on any campus to initiate any drops.

A : Any time you are considering dropping a course be sure to check with the proper channels to ensure the drop will not cause any trouble for you:

  • Students who use any kind of Financial Aid (loan, grant, scholarship) to assist in paying tuition should contact the Financial Aid department to make sure a drop will not negatively affect your financial aid status.
  • If you are on any extra-curricular teams or school programs (Basketball, Cardettes, Red Birds, etc) you should talk with your coach or leader and they can help you determine if a drop will affect your eligibility.
  • Lastly, if you have made an application for graduation, please consult an advisor before dropping any courses as it may postpone graduation.

A : Courses dropped before the census date can be removed without creating a “W” on your transcript.  After the census date all drops receive a “W.”  Be sure to check the school calendar each semester for the census date.



A brief registration tutorial is available here: