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Frequently Asked Registration Questions:


2020-21 Registration Guide


Q : When and how can I register for classes?

A : Course registration is available during the registration period for each semester.  Check the TVCC calendar for openings and deadlines.  There is no early registration, and while most semesters have a late registration period, there may be late fees associated with registering past the deadline.  TVCC does not permit students to enroll once a semester has begun.

How you register for classes will depend on your needs.  New students to TVCC are required to meet with an advisor prior to their first registration.  After that, you may be eligible to register online through your My Cardinal Connect student portal; there are online instruction available to assist with the online registration process.  Otherwise you will need to continue to meet with and register through the Advisement Center.  If you are unable to meet with an advisor on campus due to work or distance, TVCC offers E-advising.  There is no registration by phone.


Q : How do I know if I need to take the TSI before I can register?

A : The TSI (Texas Success Initiative) is the current exam most public institutions use to determine college readiness for new students.  This examination provides us with your TSI status (college readiness level) and aids in determining whether a student needs any developmental assistance before going forward with college level course work.  If you are unsure if you require testing, you can contact the Advisement Center, but a general rule of thumb is that if you are a degree seeking (AA, AAS, AAM, AAT) student some sort of TSI status must be submitted before completing registration.  Most certificate level courses do not require a TSI status; however, there are some exceptions.  If you are required to submit a TSI status, you may have other testing scores that may work in lieu of TSI scores.  Visit the Testing Center for testing information, as well as information on possible exemptions.


Q : Do I have to meet with an advisor every time I register?

A : TVCC requires students to see an advisor for your initial registration with TVCC, and upon reaching 30 credit hours.  Additionally, students who are not TSI complete in Reading, Writing, and Math will be required to register with an advisor until they have obained TSI completion

All students new to TVCC are required to meet with an advisor to ensure we have you on the correct pathway and that both parties understand the steps required to complete the desired pathway.  Without reviewing each student’s educational and professional goals, it is difficult to ensure that they are pursuing the correct courses to obtain the desired outcome. 

TVCC also requires students who have reached 30 credit hours to see the Advisement Center for a midway checkup.  30 credit hours typically mean a student should be halfway towards reaching their pathway requirements; this checkup just serves as verification that students are on the right track for completion of their degree or certificate.  It also provides a degree audit so that moving forward, students know exactly which courses are left to finish up.

Students who have not achieved TSI completion according to the state of Texas and TVCC standard are also required to meet with an advisor for their class registration.  Once students have completed their TSI requirements, either by testing to completion or fulfilling their developmental  course-work, they will be allowed to register themselves through their student portal.

These meeting may take place on any of the three main campuses, or via email at


Q : How do I know if I am eligible to register online?

A : Students must meet all eligibility requirements for online registration in order to be able to register through the My Cardinal Connect student portal.  If you have a hold on your account, you will need to contact the appropriate department to remedy the hold.

  • Must be TSI complete – students who have not met the college readiness standards and are required to take developmental courses will not be permitted to register online.
  • No academic probation/suspension – While being under academic probation/suspension students are not permitted to self-register.  Even after meeting with the Academic Review Board, students will be required to register with an advisor.
  • Must have met advising requirements – New students to TVCC must meet with an advisor prior to their first registration.  Also students at 30 credit hours must meet with an advisor for their midway checkup audit before being re-released to register online.

Regarding registration for certificate courses:  While students in a certificate pathway are usually permitted to register online, an advisor must approve your courses each semester to ensure that they meet the requirements of your certificate.  This can be done by completing your registration, and then sending an approval request to


Q : What is E-Advising?

A : TVCC is proud to offer students E-advising.  This option is for students who cannot make it to campus during business hours due to work or distance, and are not eligible for online registration.  E-advising is an electronic form filled out online by the student that once submitted comes directly to the Advisement Center.  Students are then notified once their schedule has been completed, via the email address they used to submit the E-advising form.  Students must know what courses they wish to register for, including the section number, in order for E-advising to be effective; an advisor cannot choose your semester courses for you.


Q : How do I know which courses to take?

A : While your pathway is mapped out in the “My Progress” module of your student portal, sometimes we just need a little extra guidance.  The Advisement Centers are here to help you navigate the sometimes complicated pathway to finishing your certificate or degree.  If you are unsure of which course would best suit your needs, or just aren’t sure what is left to complete, it is best to visit with an advisor.  These meeting may take place on any of the three main campuses, or via email at


Q : How many credit hours can I register for?

A : In a regular 16-week semester, a student may register for 19 credit hours, unless you are a music major.


Q : What if a course I need is full?

A : TVCC has implemented waitlisting for courses that are full during registration.  If a course required by the student is currently at max capacity, you can elect to go onto the waitlist for that course. 


Q : What happens when I join the waitlist for a course?

A : If a fellow student drops the course for any reason the first person on the waitlist will be automatically notified via their Cardinal Email account that they have 24 hours to acept that seat.  So if you are the third student on a waitlist, three of your fellow students will need to have decided to drop the course before you will be notified about space availability for the course.  The waitlist period ends each semester concurrently with the end of registration, so a student has that amount of time to progress up the waitlist and possibly make it onto the roster for the course.  If you do not make it into a class by that deadline, you can still check back during schedule changes to see if any spots become available once classes have begun.

Joining a waitlist does NOT guarantee that you will be be able to register for the class!


Q : When & how can I access the My Cardinal Connect student portal?

A : There are several links to the student portal directly from the homepage.  Student’s access to My Cardinal Connect should be available within 48 hours (2 business days) of becoming a student.  To have fully become a TVCC student, you must have submitted your application AND one more from of admissions documentation to the registrar's office.  The process for accessing your login credentials, as well as some steps for first time users, are available.  Be sure to setup proxy service for anyone who you may need to have access to your student portal.


Q : Can I change my schedule after I register?

A : You can make as many changes as needed during the open registration period, via the same methods you used to register.  Once the registration period has ended, students still have a small window during which they can make changes to their schedule, typically through the first day or two after the semester has begun.  Check the TVCC calendar for when schedule changes end each semester.


Q : Where can I get a copy of my schedule?

A : Students can print a copy of their schedule through their My Cardinal Connect student portal from the “Student Planning” module by clicking “Go to Plan & Schedule” (the bold option under number 2).  There, the print button will be in the center of the page, above the calendar.


Q : What does "TBA" mean on my schedule?

A : A class time of “TBA” or “to be announced” means that a student should contact the instructor to determine when they will be meeting, or what attendance parameters the class will require.  Students can contact the instructor’s campus or the faculty directory for contact information.


Q : How do I get started in my online classes?

A : TVCC teaches internet courses through the Canvas Learning management System (LMS).  Use your Cardinal ID and password combination to log into Canvas.  Courses are not uploaded to Canvas until the first day of class each semester; while students may log in early, be advised that courses will not show up until that time, and this is normal.  Students new to Canvas might benefit from the Online Canvas Orientation (once navigated, click on "Join Course" at the top right).  You can also contact Distance Learning at any time with questions, or any technical issues you might experience.  Keep in mind that while most technical issues are able to be solved through IT services, most Canvas issues will require assistance through Distance Learning.


Q : Where can I find my textbook requirements?

A : Textbook selections can be found at the TVCC Bookstore websiteInstructions are available to help navigate you through the process.


Q : Where can I get a statement of my tuition & fees/housing?

A : Tuition & fee statements, as well as housing fees, can be accessed through your My Cardinal Connect student portal, within the “Student Finance” module.  It may take up to 48 hours after your registration for your statement to fully process and reflect an accurate bill.  Please be aware that “Financial Aid” and “Student Finance” are separate modules within your portal.  You should verify that any financial aid awards look correct within your portal before proceeding to your tuition & fees statement to arrange payment.

The business office has some instructions for how to arrange payment online available.


Q : How soon do I need to pay my tuition & fees/housing?

A : The deadline to arrange payment for tuition/fees/housing etc., can be found on the TVCC calendar.  Payment is typically due a week or so before a semester's start date.  Student not paid in full at this time will be dropped from their courses, and due to the waitlisting feature of My Cardinal Connect, we are unable to guarantee that students can get their original schedule back upon reinstatement.  Be sure to check the calendar each semester to stay on top of those due dates.

The business office has some instructions for how to arrange payment online available.


Q : Why is my financial aid awards/scholarships not reflected on my tuition statement?

A : Typically, financial aid or scholarship awards will be displayed on student bills once the aid has been approved and accepted; however, it is the students responsibility to check regularly with financial aid and ensure that funds are dispersed appropriately.  Often times, if financial aid/scholarship is not showing up, there may be missing documents or forms owed to the financial aid office.  Students should be sure to follow their aid’s progress through their My Cardinal Connect student portal to be sure funds are available to pay tuition & fees before the due date.  Aid processing in time is only guaranteed for students who submitted by the priority deadlines.

Please be aware that “Financial Aid” and “Student Finance” are separate modules within your portal.


Q : How can I drop a course?

A : Students can drop a course online through their My Cardinal Connect student portal, or by visiting with an advisor on campus.  There are instruction available for how to drop, as well as a list of things students should consider before dropping a course.  If you are not eligible to complete a drop yourself, and cannot make it to a campus, we do have an online Student Drop Request.  Drops cannot be completed past the final drop date each semester.


Q : When does a drop become a "W" on my transcript?

A : Drops completed after the census date during a semester, will be reflected as a “W” for “withdrawn” on the student transcript.  Be sure to check the TVCC calendar for the census date each semester to aid you in any decision making regarding dropping a course, and how it may affect your transcript.


Q : When the semester is over, how soon can I see my grades/order my transcript?

A : When a semester comes to a close, grades will be due to the registrar’s office so that all work can be reflected on student transcripts.  You can check the TVCC calendar for when grades are due each semester.  After grades post you can view them online through your My Cardinal Connect student portal, under the "Grades" module.  Unofficial transcripts can be downloaded from within this module by clicking "Academic" at the top left (small blue print next to the grey menu bar) and selecting "Unofficial Transcript" from the drop down menu. 

Students who need to order an official transcript may do so through Parchment at any time during a semester; there is an option available to “Hold for Grades” during a transcript order which means the order will not process and be sent until grades for the current semester have been submitted.  Parchment accounts are not created for our student; if it is your first time you will need to "creat an account."