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Frequently Asked Registration Questions:



Q : When and how can I register for classes?

A : Once you have completed you admissions process, there are a few different ways you can meet with an advisor and register for classes.  Registration periods are noted on the TVCC Calendar, accesible from the homepage or our mobile app.

Q : How do I know if I need to take the TSI before I can register?

A : The TSI (Texas Success Initiative) helps us determine your college readiness.  If you are unsure if you require testing, you can contact the Advisement Center, but a general rule of thumb is that if you are a degree seeking (AA, AAS, AAM, AAT) student some sort of TSI status must be submitted before completing registration.  Most certificate level courses do not require a TSI status; however, there are some exceptions.

Q : Will I be eligible for online registration, or should I register with an advisor?

A : To register online you must be

Regarding online registration for certificate courses:  While students in a certificate pathway are permitted to register online, an advisor must approve your selections each semester.  This can be done by completing your registration, and then meeting with an advisor; during sign up select "Schedule Approval" and they will notify you when they have approved your schedule.

Q : I am finishing up my last semester/school year as a dual-credit student.  When will I be able to register?

A : Dual-credit students who are transitioning to regular college students but have not yet graduated high school should turn in the dual-credit transition form to their high school counselor, who will submit it to our registrar's office.  Once the form has been processed, you will get an email from our registrar's office saying you may now register for the upcoming semester.  You will still not be permitted to self-register at this time; you must meet with an advisor to complete this first registration as a regular student.

Q : When & how can I access the My Cardinal Connect student portal?

A :  Student’s access to My Cardinal Connect should be available within 48 hours (2 business days) of completing your admissions process with TVCC.  The process for accessing your login credentials, as well as some steps for first time users, are available.  Be sure to setup proxy service for anyone who you may need to have access to your student portal.

Q : What is WaitWhile?

A :  WaitWhile is a queing system we use to run a virtual line for students who need to meet with an advisor; all students wait in the same line to keep waiting fair for everyone.  You can join the waitlist to see us and wait for your turn from anywhere, Monday through Thursday 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m..  Appointments are also available through WaitWhile, if lines aren't your thing.

Q : What is Virtual Advising?

A : Virtual Advising is when we meet with students virtually using zoom.  Just join the waitlist with WaitWhile and select to be advised virtually.

Q : How do I know which courses to take?

A : Your pathway is mapped out in the “My Progress” module of your student portal.  If you are ever unsure of which course would best suit your needs, or just aren’t sure what is left to complete, it is best to meet with an advisor.

Q : How many credit hours can I register for?

A : In a regular 16-week semester, a student may register for 19 credit hours, unless you are a music major.

Q : What if a course I need is full?

A : TVCC has implemented waitlisting for classes that fill to capacity.  If a class is at max capacity, you can elect to go onto the waitlist for that course. 

Q : What happens when I join the waitlist for a course?

A : Joining a waitlist does NOT guarantee that you will be be able to register for the class!  Check you Cardinal Email regularly, as you will have 24 hours to accept a seat should it become available to you.

Q : Can I change my schedule after I register?

A : You can make changes to your class schedule through the end of the schedule change period.  Check the TVCC calendar for when schedule changes end each semester.

Q : Where can I get a copy of my schedule?

A : Students can print a copy of their schedule through their My Cardinal Connect student portal from the “Student Planning” module by clicking “Go to Plan & Schedule” (the bold option under number 2).  There, the print button will be in the center of the page, above the calendar.

Q : What does "TBA" mean on my schedule?

A : A class time of “TBA” or “to be announced” means that a student should contact the instructor to determine when they will be meeting, or what attendance parameters the class will require.  Students can contact the instructor’s campus or the faculty directory for contact information.

Q : How do I get started in my online classes?

A : TVCC teaches online courses through Canvas, which uses your regular TVCC login information.  Our Distance Learning department has many resources available to students who are new to taking classes in an online format.

Q : Where can I find my textbook requirements?

A : Textbook selections can be found at the TVCC Bookstore websiteInstructions are available to help navigate you through the process.

Q : Where can I get a statement of my tuition & fees/housing?

A : Statements can be accessed through your My Cardinal Connect student portal, within the “Student Finance” module.  The business office has some instructions for how to arrange payment online available.  

Q : Why is my financial aid awards/scholarships not reflected on my tuition statement?

A : Your aid should be displayed on your statement once the aid has been approved and accepted.  Students can follow their aid’s progress through their My Cardinal Connect student portal, and should be completed by the priority deadlines.

Please be aware that “Financial Aid” and “Student Finance” are separate modules within your portal.

Q : How soon do I need to pay my tuition & fees/housing?

A : The deadline to arrange payment for tuition/fees/housing etc., can be found on the TVCC calendar.  Be sure to check the calendar each semester for these due dates, as students dropped for non-payment are not guaranteed their original schedule upon reinstatement.  The business office has some instructions for how to arrange payment online available.

Q : What can I do if I am dropped for non-payment?

A : Students dropped for non-payment are alerted via their Cardinal Email.  This email alert will include instructions on how to be reinstated in course(s) if that is the student's goal.  Please be aware that once dropped for non-payment, TVCC can not guarantee that your original schedule will be available to you.

The best way to avoid this problem is to be sure you pay your tuition before the tuition deadline on the TVCC calendar.

Q : How can I drop a course?

A : Students can drop a course online through their My Cardinal Connect student portal, or by filling out the electronic student drop request form.  There are instruction available for how to drop, as well as a list of things students should consider before dropping a course. 

Q : When does a drop become a "W" on my transcript?

A : Drops completed after the census date during a semester, will be reflected as a “W” for “withdrawn” on the student transcript.  Be sure to check the TVCC calendar for the census date each semester to aid you in any decision making regarding dropping a course, and how it may affect your transcript.

Q : When the semester is over, how soon can I see my grades/order my transcript?

A : You can check the TVCC calendar for when grades are due each semester.  After grades post you can view them online through your My Cardinal Connect student portal, under the "Grades" module.  Students who need to view/order transcripts can do so at any time; there is an option to hold transcript orders for grades/degree postings during the ordering process.