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New Student Registration

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Registration Information

Registration Information

Registering for classes remains to be one of the most widely debatable topics among students.  There is no one "right" or "wrong" way to register every student; each student has different needs that change throughout their time here at TVCC.  That is why here at Trinity Valley Community College we have Advisement Centers on each campus to assist you anytime you feel like you need any sort of guidance during registration.  However, most students lead busy lives and are not able to come and register in the Advisement Center every time.  So be sure that you are familiar with the different ways that you can get registered for classes each semester so that you are never in a bind. 

When to register: Check the TVCC calendar for the opening of registration for each semester.  Registration may open earlier than you think, and the sooner you register, the more confidant you will feel about the upcoming term.  Early registration means that you will have the widest selection of open courses to satisfy your needs.  Distance Learners, for instance, require online courses to have availability; online courses are currently our most popular option for many students and tend to fill more quickly than some of their face-to-face counter parts.  Core courses also tend to fill quickly, as the majority of students require at least some core work as part of their degree.  Keep your current needs in minds when preparing for registration, and try to get registered in a timely manner so that your needs can be well met.

How to register: TVCC currently offers four ways to register.  Keep in mind that if you have not met your initial advising requirements, you may not yet be eligible for registration.



  Meeting with an Advisor

Students are always welcome to come see the Advisement Center for their registration.  Offices are open Monday through Friday 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. during the regular fall and spring semesters (Jan - May & Aug - Dec) and Monday through Thursday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. during the summer months (Jun - Jul). Appointments are not necessary to meet with an advisor; we run a Same-Day-Service line each business day.  Appointments are strongly advised during heavy registration times to avoid a long wait.

Meet with an Advisor



  Online Registration through My Cardinal Connect

Once comfortable with the registration process, students who are eligible are able to register online through their My Cardinal Connect student portal.  There are step-by-step instructions available to assist you with online registration.

My Cardinal Connect



  Virtual Advising

Student who aren't eligible to register themselves, but can't make it campus have the option to complete Virtual Advising.  Just join the waitlist to speak with an advisor on the campus of your choice, and wait to receive your meeting information.  Students who want to be advised virtually must have the capability to run Zoom.

Virtual Advising


If you still have questions regarding registration, check the Registration Frequently Asked Questions.  If you do not find the answer, please give the Advisement Center a call at (903) 675-6350 or email us at; we are always happy to help with any questions no matter how big or small.  That is why we are here!

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5/15/2024 10:52:28 AM