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Current Student Registration


     ?     Documentation is up to date with the Admissions and Registrar's Office

     ?    Financial Aid is completed and updated if necessary 

     ?    Tuition for the current/previous semester is paid in full

     ?    Housing paperwork turned in for next semester (if applicable)

     ?    No student account holds (see resources below for dealing with holds)

If you feel you are ready to register for classes, you may be eligible to register online through My Cardinal Connect.  Students wishing to register online may do so if they feel confident in what courses they need to take, and are still happy with their degree pathway.  If you need to change your major, are unsure of what classes to take, or just feel the need for some guidance, we have Advisors on each campus ready to assist you.  Otherwise you can log into My Cardinal Connect to complete registration.  If you are new to the My Cardinal Connect Portal, we have some instructions for registration (see resource below).

My Cardinal Connect may tell you are ineligible for online registration; below are some of the reasons a student might not be eligible to register online:

     ?    Not TSI Complete

     ?    Overdue Balance

     ?    Academic Probation/Suspension (GPA below 2.0)

     ?    Documentation owed to the Admissionss Office

     ?    Hitting a 30 hour marker (see resources below).

If you are not eligible to register online (for reasons other than overdue balance), you can still meet with an Academic Advisor to register for classes at an Advisement Center on any of our three main campuses.  Students with a past due balance must contact the Business Office to settle the overdue amount before any further registration.  Students on academic probation can register with the guidance of an advisor, but students on an academic suspension should contact the Academic Review Board for an appointment to discuss further action and registration.

TVCC understands that many of our students live remotely, or may have work or other obligations that prevent them from being registered on campus during business hours.  The Advisement Centers offer phone, email, and Virtual Advising.  

While students in a certificate pathway are permitted to register online, an advisor must approve your selections each semester.  This can be done by completing your registration, and then meeting with an advisor; during sign up select "Schedule Approval" and they will notify you when they have approved your schedule.

Student who are returning to TVCC after a period of absence greater than one calendar year will need to reapply to TVCC.  After updating your account with a new application, your student file will be reactivated and any admissions documents that we previously had on file are still recognized within your account.  You will just need to submit transcripts if you have been with any other institutions during your period of absence from TVCC.  Once you have reapplied, our IT department should be able to help you reactivate your student portals and Cardinal Email.  They can be reached at 903-675-6300. 

For registration, you will  most likely need to visit with an advisor to update your degree plan/major.  After this is updated, if you were previously eligible for online registration you will still be eligible.  If you would like assistance with registration, an advisor can assist you during the visit in which you update your degree plan/major.



Current Student Resources:


Online Registration Instructions

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My Cardinal Connect

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Finding Textbook Requirements

Track down your book list for purchasing books and supplies.  

How to Pay Tuition & Fees

Entrance testing may be required before course registration.

Distance Learning

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When you need to stay on campus be sure to fill out your packet.

How to Drop a Class

Know how to drop a class, and things to consider before doing so.

Student Account Holds

Keep an eye on your student portal and make sure when the time comes, you are ready to register.


GPA Calculator

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Cardinal Success Center

Our student-friendly study center is here to help you.

Tutoring Services

TVCC offers free tutoring during most regular semester.


Disability Services

Find information on accommodations.

Request a Transcript

TVCC sends transcripts electronically, usually in 1-2 days.


When the time approaches, apply for graduation - you earned it!

University Transfer Information

TVCC works with many universities on credit articulation.