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New Student Registration

New Student Registration

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New Student Holds

Holds that might appear within your student portal as a new student.


New Student Holds


Students who are new to TVCC may see hold on their account notification within their My Cardinal Connection Portal.  When you are a new applicant, many of these holds pertain to admissions documentation that may not have been submitted to the registrar yet.  There will be another hold though, on your registration.  TVCC requires all new students to visit with an advisor and set up their pathway at TVCC, sometimes referred to as a degree plan or certificate pathway.  Until you have met with an advisor, you will not be able to complete any course registration.  Most often, a new student should try to register with an advisor their first time.


What all has to be submitted before I can start the registration process?

  • Admissions Application
  • Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination Record for students under 22 years of age.
  • Test scores/TSI status for degree seeking students.
  • High School Transcripts - you have only a one semester window before you will see registration holds for this document if not submitted during admission.


Can I register myself online once those are submitted?

New students will still need to meet with an advisor and set up their pathway before being allowed to register online, and may be more comfortable registering with an advisor their first time.  Many students may still be ineligible for online registration.  In addition to having met with an advisor to set up your pathway you must be TSI complete, if you are a degree seeking student.  Students completing a certificate course, while able to plan their own schedules each semester, will always require schedule approval from an advisor.

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What if I took dual credit with TVCC?

If you are a new graduate who used to attend TVCC as a dual credit student, the registrar's office will need you to submit your high school transcript with date of graduation.

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Where can I check to see these holds?

From your My Cardinal Connect student portal, these holds should appear within the "Student Planning" menu.  Alerts are in the top right hand corner of your portal, and might be red or yellow.  New students should be able to log in to their portal within 48 hours of admission to TVCC.  There are login instructions available for first timers.

Posted Date:
4/26/2024 2:13:30 PM