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  Apply for Admission

Apply Online with TVCC's Admissions Portal

Take a Tour & Come See our Campuses

Submit your application, receive your admissions checklist, and fulfill those requirements, all from the TVCC Admissions Portal. We will notify you when you are registration ready!



  Apply for Financial Aid

Start the Aid Process with the FAFSA

Check Out our Available Scholarships

See if You Qualify for Veteran's Benefits

Once you are a student and your FAFSA is submitted, you can check your aid status 24/7 through your My Cardinal Connect student portal! Be aware student athletic scholarships often have deadlines and addtitional requirements.



  Campus Housing & Dining

Apply for Housing & Dining

Explore our Dorm Options

See our Campus Dining Experience

Many athletes live on campus and dine with us! Make sure you have housing squared away prior to your arrival on campus so we have your dorm ready for you.



  Advising & Registration

Meet with an Advisor for Registration Info

Learn About Options for Advising Meeting

Your Athletic Advisors are ready to answer your questions and help you get started. Be sure to select the team/activity advisor appropriate for your situation so that we can best assist you!



  Start Classes

That's it! You are all set to begin your first semester with TVCC. We have many resources to ensure each student can be successful. Use the links below to take advantage of what we have to offer.
Welcome to the Valley! Go Cards!



Looking for a More Comprehensive List of
Steps? We have that Available Here!



Important Considerations for Prospective Athletes:

  • Complete your admissions process as early as you are able.  It is free to apply to TVCC, so even if your plans to attend change, being prepared to attend TVCC as early as you can will best protect any eligibility status.
  • If you are a scholarship recipient, that scholarship may have a registration deadline to be eligible to receive those funds.  This deadline is typically much sooner than the regular registration deadline, so once you are good with admissions, get registered for classes as soon as you can.
  • Never assume that an athletic scholarship has covered every single expense.  Even "full-ride" scholarships may have limits to what types of tuition and fees they may cover.  It is each student's responsibility to ensure your whole statement has been paid, or payment plan set up, by the tuition deadline.
  • As part of a team, you may have a specific advisor that you are required to work with each semester.  This may mean that you and the rest of the team are all attempting to register simultaneously; reach out to your advisor early and communicate often to ensure that you get registered properly.
  • If you find that your plans change suddenly, be sure you visit with both your coach AND your advisor.  It is the responsibility of the student to withdraw from classes if you are leaving or will not be attending.


Additional Steps Before You First Day


New Student Resources





Find the ApplyTexas application here.

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