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Student Athlete

Student Athletes
1Apply to TVCC

Students can apply online through by creating an account, and filling out the "New Student" application through Apply Texas.  You will receive a confirmation email upon creating your account, as well as a confirmation that we have received your application for TVCC.  A paper application is also available to turn in on any campus, or mail to the registrar's office.

Apply Online     Paper Application


2Apply for Financial Aid

TVCC recommends all students visit the financial aid department.  Whether you qualify for aid through FAFSA, or are a candidate for scholarship, check with financial aid each semester to see what sort of tuition aid might be available to you.

The Financial Aid department can only guarantee processing for students who have submitted their aid requests and documentation by the priority deadline each semester.  The priority deadlines for aid processing are: 

***Students joining TVCC for the Summer II semester must have their FAFSA submitted prior to June 30!!!****

Spring Session - Nov 1

Summer Sessions - Apr 1

Fall Session - July 1


3Submit your Transcripts

For full admission to TVCC, students must submit a high school or GED transcript, as well as any transcripts from previously attended institutions of higher learning. As a prospective athlete, eligibility requirements stipulate that TVCC must receive all transcripts officially at least 1 week prior to your enrollment date.  If you are reporting for the Summer II semester be sure we have received these documents as early as possible to protect your eligibility status.


4Submit your shot record

Texas state law requires all student sunder the age of 22 to submit documentation of their bacterial meningitis vaccination.

Meningitis Documentation



All students new to TVCC must visit with an Academic Advisor prior to their first registration.  This meeting may serve as a dual purpose of establishing your degree plan, in addition to your first registration.  It is vital to our students' success that we discuss degree plans, career goals, and your academic needs prior to enrollment in courses.  TVCC has advisors who specialize in the scheduling and educational needs and challenges that our athletes face juggling their educational and athletic goals each semester.


6Submit testing (if applicable)

To pursue a degree with TVCC, students should submit testing scores.  If you are unsure if you are required to test or submit scoring from a previously taken test, contact the registrar or advisement center.  If student testing is required, TVCC gives the TSI (Texas Success Initiative) exam on the Athens, Palestine, and Terrell campuses.  Visit the Testing Center for information on the TSI exam schedule, or visit on a Cardinal Cruise Day.  If you are unable to travle to TVCC for testing, please call early during registration to discuss alternative ways you may test.

Already Sure you'll need to test on campus?  Be sure to complete the Pre-Assesment Activity online; print and take your Pre-Assesment Certificate with you on testing day.

Tested already?  You can submit your scored to the registrar's office.

Submit Test Scores



Any student who wishes to reside in campus housing during a semester, should contact Housing as early as possible to reserve a dormitory.  Room reservation , background check, and meal plan selection forms can all be found on the Housing page.  All dorms are first come first serve.  While most athletes are reserved a dorm early, official reservation cannot occur until background check and deposit have been received by TVCC.


8Register and Pay

Student registration may occur any time after meeting with an academic advisor; however, if registration is open, students may be registered during their initial advising session.  Payment for tuition and fees is typically due during the first few days of the semester; exact payment due dates can be found on the Schedule of Classes by semester.  Be sure to double check with the Financial Aid Department to ensure any aid awarded is distributed.


9Get ID and Books

All students are required to carry their student ID on campus.  Student IDs are required for admittance into many school facilities, such as the library, Cardinal Success Center, or our testing centers.  TVCC student ID cards can be obtained at the following locations during normal business hours (Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.).

Athens - Campus Security, Math/Journalism Building

Palestine - Learning Resource Center

Terrell - Learning Resource Center

Terrell HSC - Please visit the Terrell campus LEarning Resource Center

To purchase your textbooks, visit the TVCC bookstore on the campus that is most convenient for you.  If you are enrolling in a campus-specific course, be sure to call ahead and ensure that your required textbooks are available.


10Attend Class

TVCC has several locations as well as an abundance of online courses available through Distance Learning.  Good luck with your first semester!

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3/25/2020 12:34:16 PM