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TVCC host Rural, Set, Go: Boost event

Networking event

Trinity Valley Community College hosted the Rural, Set, Go: Boost! Networking forum in partnership with Workforce Solutions of East Texas Monday.

Rural Set Go is a strategy to engage community leaders, business leaders and community members in candid conversations about the factors that influence their local workforce and economic development needs. 

This is the second year of the information and networking forums focused on addressing the needs of today’s workforce.

“Trinity Valley Community College’s (TVCC) partnership with Workforce Solutions-East Texas (WSET) is a long one and we were honored to be able to host the Rural, Set Go BOOST! event on May 31,” Associate Vice President of Workforce Education Kelley Townsend said.

“Without WSET, businesses, school districts and government and community organizations, TVCC would not be able to offer the workforce programs and training it provides.”

Townsend said the student assistance programs are big with Workforce Solutions-East Texas. Some of the programs offered are WIOA funding source, work experience internship, on-the-job training, reverse referrals, occupational skills training and incumbent worker training.

“The student assistance programs that WSET provides to students and employers in the East Texas area make it possible for individuals to either begin or complete their high-skilled training, obtain a high-wage job and contribute to a strong workforce. TVCC is proud to be an instrumental part of these plans to serve our local communities!”

For more information on Workforce Solutions of East Texas, visit their website at

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6/8/2023 1:03:03 PM