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Trinity Valley Community College (TVCC) unveils exciting new plans to update and renovate the Fine Arts Building located on the Athens Cam  TVCC Launches Programs for Aspiring Behavioral Specialists                                                                                  Sam Pollock                                                                                                                                 Abi Performing at the Spring Concert                                                                                                        Lady Cards with alumni                                                                                                                      RN to BSN Class May 2024                                                                                                                    Genesis Forman                                                                                                                              TVCC CDL Truck                                                                                                                              Presidents Award winners                                                                                                                    TVCC Graduates                                                                                                                              Clay and Megan                                                                                                                              Kamden Magee in "Mystic Pizza"                                                                                                              ames Greenalch and Kati Toler both received the Florence Nightingale Award.                                                                 Dr. Morrison Clock Tower                                                                                                                    Bar Association awards Learning Symposium Winners                                                                                           Graduation                                                                                                                                  TVCC Faculty and Staff                                                                                                                      TVCC SGA                                                                                                                                    TVCC Graduation                                                                                                                             Symposium Winners                                                                                                                           TVCC PTK named Distinguished Chapter                                                                                                        Masterworks Concert                                                                                                                         TVCC students perform in Jazz Band                                                                                                          Earth Day in The Valley                                                                                                                     Lani Kaye Ford                                                                                                                              Mystic Pizza opens tonight!                                                                                                                 Katie Harris - Tattooing a client                                                                                                           High School Art Submissions                                                                                                                 PTK at convention                                                                                                                           Benny Rogers - Legend Title                                                                                                                 Callisto and Kamden                                                                                                                         TVCC Choir performs                                                                                                                         President Morrison works among ranch students.                                                                                              SGA on the Terrell Campus                                                                                                                   Fall PTK Induction                                                                                                                          Andrew Harris                                                                                                                               TVCC President vs Student                                                                                                                   sga                                                                                                                                         Cheri Shannon                                                                                                                               morrison                                                                                                                                    Genesis Forman headshot                                                                                                                     Welding class                                                                                                                               Beef Cattle Show Team                                                                                                                       Lexi Akin                                                                                                                                   Beef Cattle Show Team                                                                                                                       Canton                                                                                                                                      Untold Stories                                                                                                                              Electrical Line Worker Students                                                                                                             Rodeo                                                                                                                                       Trinity Valley Community College Lady Card alumni                                                                                           President Dr. Jason Morrison                                                                                                                Jason with plaque                                                                                                                           NSLS Speaker Series                                                                                                                         Untold Stories                                                                                                                              Myranda visits the TVCC - Athens Campus.                                                                                                    Stephanie Golum                                                                                                                             Nine TVCC Students Receive their Radio Technician License                                                                                   TVCC Advising Center is excited to announce the two winners of the Early Bird Scholarship drawing: Rylee Hillhouse and Maria Florido.       Presidents Award winners                                                                                                                    TVCC hosts fall 2023 graduation                                                                                                             TVCC offers Medicare 101                                                                                                                    Parking Lot                                                                                                                                 Welcome to Team TVCC: Ariana Spoon                                                                                                          Hunter is joining Trinity Valley Community College as an Admissions Specialist.                                                             Rebecca Corona shares her story to become a nurse                                                                                           TVCC Cosmetology Students Donate to Hope Station                                                                                            From the Classroom to the Clinic                                                                                                            Dorothy and Dave                                                                                                                            Flight to Retirement Party                                                                                                                  Riley O’ Donnell and Kamden Magee were awarded Irene Ryan Acting Nominees.                                                                  Todd Castledine has been fishing the Bassmaster Opens since 2009. Photo by                                                   Photo                                                                                                                                       Valerie Chambless                                                                                                                           Meet Kimberely Morales                                                                                                                      Welder Weatherly                                                                                                                            Welcome Mandi!                                                                                                                              Welcome to the TVCC Team - Akoth                                                                                                            This most recent partnership between KEDC and TVCC will have a positive and lasting impact for years to come.                               Signing                                                                                                                                     The Aspen Institute names Trinity Valley Community College one of the 150 Community Colleges Eligible for the $1 Million 2025 Aspen Prize   After only three years,  Hannah Ellard is starting her career in education.                                                                 TVCC and TWC work together to offer $1,000,000 in grants                                                                                    Summer Graduation                                                                                                                           TVCC Graduation Summer 2023                                                                                                                 TVCC PTK Iota Alpha Chapter takes home awards                                                                                               Ag Club Winners                                                                                                                             National Runner-Up Lady Cardinals                                                                                                           Deanna Frye                                                                                                                                 PTK Honors                                                                                                                                  Dr. David Powell                                                                                                                            TVCC band at Kemp HS                                                                                                                        First Citizenship Clas                                                                                                                      Bailey Smith                                                                                                                                Beef Cattle Show Team                                                                                                                       Partnership grant                                                                                                                           Dr. Jerry King                                                                                                                              Dr. Jason Morrison                                                                                                                          Cheyenne DeLong                                                                                                                             All-State band selections                                                                                                                   Rose Jones                                                                                                                                  Angelica Rosas                                                                                                                              Graduation                                                                                                                                  TVCC Philosophy professor, Matt Cleaver poses with Dual Credit students from Rains High School.                                             Alison Neighbors and Audrey Jeanes art show                                                                                                 Tulsa State Fair awards                                                                                                                     Hall of Distinguished Alumni                                                                                                                Tristan Woods (WoodsX22) and Josiah Long (PandaX) discuss pre-game strategy during a practice session at the TVCC Esports lab.              Computer class                                                                                                                              Kaylin Melton                                                                                                                               Oluwafemi Aladejebi                                                                                                                         Family achieves American dream                                                                                                              Dual Credit Graduates                                                                                                                       Presidents and Deans List                                                                                                                   Graduation                                                                                                                                  New Course Offerings at TVCC                                                                                                                Lineworker program                                                                                                                          High School Digital Art Competition winners                                                                                                 Learning Symposium winners                                                                                                                  Valley Olympics wrap-up                                                                                                                     Texas Reskilling Grant                                                                                                                      TVCC Art Show                                                                                                                               The Valley Olympics                                                                                                                         Choir Concert                                                                                                                               Save the Date                                                                                                                               Genesis Donation                                                                                                                            Scholar Bowl winners                                                                                                                        TVCC Career Day                                                                                                                             SGA Logo                                                                                                                                    Early Bird Registration                                                                                                                     TVCC Cardettes Open Pom national title                                                                                                      Hall of Distinguished Honor                                                                                                                 Faces of TVCC                                                                                                                               Volleyball Showdown coming to TVCC                                                                                                          Networking event                                                                                                                            Beef Cattle Show Team                                                                                                                       Jennifer Jernigan's Artwork                                                                                                                 75th anniversary logo                                                                                                                       Elika Salazar wins prize                                                                                                                    Mary Waddell Scholarship                                                                                                                    TVCC welcomes SGA representatives                                                                                                           BHSC TVCC MAMIES BOY 11G                                                                                                                    CDL Truck Drivers wanted                                                                                                                    All-State Band Performers                                                                                                                   Black History 101 Mobile Museum                                                                                                             Lillian Donathan art contest win                                                                                                            Kirk Overmoe                                                                                                                                TVCC Welding Students with Iron Worker                                                                                                      TVCC Mural                                                                                                                                  Kelley Townsend                                                                                                                             Cattleman's Congress Show Team                                                                                                              TVCC Redistrict Map                                                                                                                         Scholarship in memory of Jan Fitzgerald Masso                                                                                               Presidents List, Deans List                                                                                                                 Fall 2021 Graduation                                                                                                                        Ray Raymond, Jerry King, Paula Kimball, Jim Kimball                                                                                         Kaylee Passons, Zak McCain, Matthew Crawford and Timmy Smith.                                                                               Jean Baker Scholarship                                                                                                                      Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence                                                                                                Heglund, King, Wood, Townsend with Check                                                                                                    Four States Fair Grand Champion BHSC Mamies Boy 11G                                                                                         Eason sworn in by Judge Randy Daniel                                                                                                        Presidents and Deans List                                                                                                                   COVID-19 Vaccine                                                                                                                            Emily Heglund                                                                                                                               TVCC Ag Club with Awards                                                                                                                    National Champion Cardette Showgirls                                                                                                        BHSC TVCC MAMIES BOY 11G                                                                                                                    2020 1098-T                                                                                                                                 welding students                                                                                                                            President's List and Dean's List                                                                                                            Screen Shot of ETX Covered Segment                                                                                                          Advocacy Resource Center                                                                                                                    Grand Champion Bull and Female                                                                                                              Entrepreneur Seminar                                                                                                                        Brad Elmore                                                                                                                                 New welding students receive starter kits                                                                                                   Aesops Commedia                                                                                                                             Elizabeth Nelson                                                                                                                            Sean Medina Jerry King Linda Land                                                                                                           CASE Educational Fundraising Award                                                                                                          Court Reporter                                                                                                                              David Hopkins, Carlton Tidwell, Jerry King, Ray Dunlap                                                                                      Message from TVCC President Jerry King                                                                                                      Emmy Cooper                                                                                                                                 CARES Act                                                                                                                                   TDCJ students inducted into Phi Theta Kappa Fall 2018                                                                                       Paramedics working                                                                                                                          coronavirus                                                                                                                                 Johns family with newly dedicated clock tower                                                                                               Soccer coming in 2021                                                                                                                       TVCC Show Team at Fort Worth Stock Show                                                                                                     Intro to steno class                                                                                                                        Do not Get Dropped from Spring 2020 Classes                                                                                                 Group Photo of UT Tyler and TVCC Representatives                                                                                            Former President Ron Baugh                                                                                                                  Hall of Distinguished Alumni Class of 2019                                                                                                  Decorated Graduation Cap                                                                                                                    Nancy Perkins in 2016                                                                                                                       Jay Kinzer, Ph.D., Ron Day, Ken McGee, Ray Raymond, Larry Ball, Cevia Morris, Karen Biggers, Frank Johns, Jim Biggers, Kristen Bennett, Ed.D Tye Bratton, Athens High School PINNACLE Early College High School student, graduates with an Associate of Arts degree from TVCC            Havir Sing, Natalie Brown, Jerry King and Stephanie Lizbeth Santiago                                                                        Ray Raymond, TVCC Board of Trustees Chairman, Kristen Bennett, Ed.D, TVCC Vice President for Institutional Advancement and Executive Directo TVCC President Jerry King, Ed.D. with President’s Award Recipient Tra’Dayja Smith                                                           Presidents and Deans List                                                                                                                   Google Seminar                                                                                                                              TVCC Welding Instructor Tom Sheram, Victoria Smith, John Feemster, Kassandra Clary, Richard Clary, Weston Beckman, Colby Glenn, and TVCC Wel Cardettes Showgirls at DTU College Classic                                                                                                  Wendy Elmore with PTK Medals                                                                                                                TACTE Conference                                                                                                                            Greg Piccolo                                                                                                                                Two Year College English Association                                                                                                        Kelley Townsend                                                                                                                             Large group with check                                                                                                                      TDCJ Phi Theta Kappa Inductees Group Photo                                                                                                  2019 Financial Aid Update                                                                                                                   Jamee Nitschke                                                                                                                              Skincare                                                                                                                                    Presidents List and Deans List                                                                                                              graduation cap                                                                                                                              Dr. Vernon Price                                                                                                                            rendering of the Ethel May and Frank Johns Tower on the Athens campus, prepared by Verdin                                                   Phi Theta Kappa Inductees and Officers                                                                                                      Dorothy Hinds and Lindsay Simmons                                                                                                           Terrell PTK Inductees                                                                                                                       Robert Brittain                                                                                                                             Pauline Knight Perkins Performing Arts Center Ribbon Cutting                                                                                Huggins Tidwell Performance                                                                                                                 Leaders of Tomorrow Conference Attendees                                                                                                    Danny Davis, Henderson County Farm Bureau President, Hunter Snow, Maggie Stephens and HCFB Agency Manager Gabe Moreno.                      Texas Workforce Commission                                                                                                                  Deadline Approaching                                                                                                                        Harmon Photo                                                                                                                                Financial Aid Update                                                                                                                        2018 Grad                                                                                                                                   LVN Photo                                                                                                                                   Westgate Photo                                                                                                                              Inductees group on staircase                                                                                                                swearing-in ceremony                                                                                                                        Scholarship Recipients                                                                                                                      GED Combo Photo                                                                                                                             Cardettes                                                                                                                                   DualCredit Graphic                                                                                                                          Graphic                                                                                                                                     Caitlynn Photo                                                                                                                              Graduates moving tassels                                                                                                                    Mortarboard                                                                                                                                 TVCC Health Science Center Provost Dr. Helen Reid addresses nursing students during awards ceremony                                         ComboPhoto                                                                                                                                  Giftbag                                                                                                                                     Dr. Jerry King receives Shirley Be Gordon Award from PTK.                                                                                   GroupPhoto                                                                                                                                  artists showing their work                                                                                                                  Gooden-King                                                                                                                                 Welders Group Photo                                                                                                                         GymBefore                                                                                                                                   Dual Credit                                                                                                                                 Townsend-McAnally                                                                                                                           TJCAA Group                                                                                                                                 PTKSp2018                                                                                                                                   SGA Photo                                                                                                                                   September Kirk photo                                                                                                                        Kelley photo                                                                                                                                Kristen Bennett                                                                                                                             TVCC student at graduation                                                                                                                  Holley Collier                                                                                                                              Good Herdsman Award                                                                                                                         Kelley Townsend headshot                                                                                                                    Debate                                                                                                                                      CCLPhoto                                                                                                                                    WSO                                                                                                                                         Cardettes marching in State Fair of Texas Opening Day Parade                                                                                Smith Photo                                                                                                                                 CTE Logo                                                                                                                                    FBLA Area VI Leadership Conference Attendees                                                                                                2017 1098-T form                                                                                                                            PresDeansList                                                                                                                               Graduation                                                                                                                                  Sam Hurley, Ed.D.                                                                                                                           Evening HVAC Courses Added                                                                                                                  Lunchtime Learning                                                                                                                          Kaufman Pinning Ceremony                                                                                                                    Giving Tuesday is Today.                                                                                                                    Election icon                                                                                                                               Aspen Prize icon                                                                                                                            AISD Communications Coordinator Toni Clay with TVCC Board member Steve Grant                                                                Nursing students                                                                                                                            Satellite image of hurricane                                                                                                                TVCC                                                                                                                                        Palestine campus                                                                                                                            Phi Theta Kappa officers                                                                                                                    Dr. Colette Hilliard and Tammy Denney headshots