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Requesting Military Transcripts


Get the credits you have earned!  Be sure to turn in all transcripts to the TVCC Registrar's Office to get credit for your prior training and completed courses.

The Department of Veterans Affairs requires all GI Bill® recipients to have all of their prior education and training, military and civilian, evaluated for possible transfer credit when they first enroll at Trinity Valley Community College.  While the VA gives you up to two semesters of enrollment to obtain official transcripts from your prior schools or military training, TVCC admissions requires receipt of all transcripts for full admission as a TVCC student.  If we do not receive and evaluate your transcripts by the end of your second semester of enrollment with us, the VA will terminate all benefits paid to you and may require that all previously paid benefits be repaid.


Source documents for military education are armed forces official transcripts. You may use the information in the following chart to request a transcript directly from the appropriate branch of service: 

Branch of Service:

Transcript Name:

Where to Order:

Air Force

AF Form 2099


Request for Army/American Council on Education Registry Transcript form DA Form 5454-R (AARTS)

Navy / Marine Corps

Request for Sailors/Marine American Council on Education Registry Transcript Draft NAVMC Form (SMART)

Coast Guard

CGI form 1560/09


To order any non-military transcripts, please inquire with your previous institutions as to how to go about sending your transcripts to TVCC. 


Send Transcripts to:

By Mail:

Trinity Valley Community College
ATTN: Office of the Registrar
100 Cardinal Dr.
Athens, TX 75751





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