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** Please see "Taking The TSI" webpage for current updates.

TSI (Texas Success Initiative) Assessment   TVCC picture

 Students who complete the TSI assessment and meet the minimum benchmarks in effect on the date of testing will be designated as TSI complete in that area. These scores will remain valid for course placement for a period of five years from the date of testing.

Students who do not receive the minimum required score on an approved assessment instrument are required to enroll in developmental courses or participate in other activities designed to assist the students in overcoming the academic deficiencies identified by that assessment.  

The test is untimed, but will comply with Testing Center normal business hours. The test is offered on the Athens, Palestine, and Terrell campuses. Please do not bring cell phones, calculators, pencils, or scratch paper.

PLEASE NOTE--All testers must have an ID to test. An alternative student ID form may be used.  Please see section "Taking the TSI" for more information. Face masks are required at this time to test. 



**Attention Students and High School Counselors: Please refer to the Blocked Course List Be sure that you or your students have completed the necessary requirements before Registration!