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The State Board of Education (SBOE) currently contracts with two companies to provide the following high school equivalency assessments:  the GED test and the HiSET exam.  Upon the successful completion of a single provider's exams, the test taker will be issued a State of Texas Certificate of High School Equivalency.  TVCC only offers the GED.


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General Educational Development (or GED) tests are a group of four subject tests which, when passed, certify that the taker has American or Canadian high school-level academic skills. 

  • Any resident of Texas who has not graduated from an accredited high school is eligible to take the high school equivalency test, if requirements are met.
  • Check here for more information about Eligibility Requirements.
  • The 2002 GED Testing Series was replaced in January 2, 2014. Incomplete or insufficient GED scores from the 2002 series are no longer valid.
  • The GED test is administered on the Athens campus only, and is given most Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Testing is by appointment and is a computer-based-test (CBT).

yes English and Spanish language GED is available on computer.

Registration for GED computer testing is by calling the GED CALL CENTER 1-877-EXAM-GED or by going online at The cost for GED CBT is $36.75 per test with a total of $145 for all four subjects by debit or credit card. Retest costs are: $16.25 for the second and third attempt. 

The current GED test has four parts:

Individual Test Times

Test 1 Language Arts 150 minutes
Test 2 Social Studies 90 minutes
Test 3 Science 90 minutes
Test 4 Math 115 minutes
Total Test Time 8.25 hours