TSIA2 Assessment (TSI)

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Request TSI Scores Be Sent To Another School or For Yourself

Took your TSI Exam through TVCC And Need Your Scores At Another School or for a Program Application?

Request TSI scores at other colleges

If you took your TSI through TVCC and you are attending another college or university and need your scores at that school, there is several ways to make sure they have your scores. 


Accuplacer website and log into your account on the "Student Portal". You can print your score report for yourself and also send it to 5 different colleges or universities.




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6/30/2022 9:05:46 AM
  • TSI Exemptions Students Meeting TSI Exemption Requirements Will Not Need To Do Additional TSI Test.
  • TSI Study Resources Study App, Sample Questions With Answers, Sample Essays And Informative Brochures