TSI Assessment

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Request TSI Scores from Other Schools

Took your TSI at another School and need them at TVCC? We can help!

Request TSI Scores from Other Schools

CollegeBoard/Accuplacer has incorporated a cross-institutional reporting system available to all colleges and universities in Texas, regardless of where the student tested. There are 2 ways to get your scores:

  1. If you took the TSI at a school other than one of the TVCC sites and need your scores at TVCC,  complete and submit this  Score Release Form ( **DO NOT use abbreviations. There may be hundreds of schools that are AISD or MISD, etc.) then  mail  a photocopy (DO NOT EMAIL, as this exposes your personal information to the web) of your ID at least one week prior to need at:

TVCC Testing Dept.

100 Cardinal Dr.

Athens, TX 75751


You may also fax your  ID photocopy at least one week prior to need to 903-675-6209. Be sure to put to the "Attention of Testing."

Request forms with partial or inaccurate information can not be processed. Please DO NOT EMAIL, as transmittal is often very poor.    


????          2. You may also request a copy of your scores be shared with us by visiting the CollegeBoard Accuplacer Student Portal .  You can also print your own copy whenever you want. Your Student ID will be whatever you used when you took the test. It is not referring to your TVCC TVIN number, unless that is what you used as your Student ID when you took the test.


blue star If you took the TSI through TVCC and need your scores at another college, please visit that college/university’s Testing Departmentt and make a request through their Director of Testing.

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1/20/2021 9:04:23 AM