2015-2020 Strategic Plan

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Council on College Planning (COCP)



The committee, under the leadership of the President of TVCC and the Director of Strategic Planning, Effectiveness, & Accreditation, monitors the progress of the strategic plan and accreditation activities.  A full-day retreat is held off-campus at least once a year for discussions and provides an opportunity for mid-upper level management to discuss major concerns, create a plan for addressing the concerns, and share updates that have taken place since the last retreat.




Chair Jerry King
Vice-Chair Tina Rummel
Members Algia Allen
Kristen Bennett
Brett Daniel
Wendy Elmore
David Graem
Colette Hilliard
Sam Hurley
Jay Kinzer
David McAnally
Jean McSpadden
Helen Reid
Gayla Roberts
Kristen Spizzirri
Jeffrey Watson




2017_03_31 Agenda Presentation Minutes
2016_06_16 Agenda Presentation Minutes
2016_04_29 Agenda Presentation Minutes
2015_02_27 Agenda Presentation Minutes
2014_04_25 Agenda Presentation Minutes
2013_04_25 Agenda Presentation Minutes


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1/18/2019 4:38:19 PM