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Frequently Asked Admissions Questions:


Q : How can I apply to TVCC?

A : Our Get Started page has every step you will need for admissions, from making application to buying books and starting classes.

Q : When should I fill out my FAFSA?

A : TVCC recommends all students submit a FAFSA; you don't know what aid you might qualify for until you try.  Try to complete your financial aid by the priority deadline each semester to be sure any aid you qualify for can be processed on time.

Q : What all will I have to turn in before I can register for classes?

A : To register for your first class schedule you will need to turn in the below documents, as well as fulfill your advising requirement by meeting with an advisor.

  • Admissions Application
  • Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination Documentation (students under 22 years of age)
  • TSI Status, if a degree seeking student
  • High School or GED transcript, as well transcripts from any other institution you've attended

Q : Where can I turn in my admissions documents?

A : You can submit them directly to the admissions office; there is even a place to submit things online electronically.

Q : How do I submit a transcript to TVCC?

A : You will have to contact the High School or other institution of higher learning you attended and have them send TVCC your transcript officially.  While most local school districts and area colleges are familiar with sending us transcripts, those who need our contact information can find it here.

Q : When am I ready to see an advisor?

A : When you have submitted all of your admissions documentation, you are ready to meet with an advisor to set up your degree or certificate pathway and register for your first classes.

Q : What is My Cardinal Connect?

A : My Cardinal Connect is your student portal during your time at TVCC.  Most student account business can be handled through your My Cardinal Connect portal, from financial aid and registration to grades and graduation.

Q : When & how can I access the My Cardinal Connect student portal?

A :  Student’s access to My Cardinal Connect should be available within 48 hours (2 business days) of completing your admissions process with TVCC.  The process for accessing your login credentials, as well as some steps for first time users, are available.  Be sure to setup proxy service for anyone who you may need to have access to your student portal.

Q : When & how can I access my Cardinal Email account?

A :  Student’s access to Cardinal Email should be available within 48 hours (2 business days) of completing your admissions process with TVCC  Your Cardinal Email will use the same login credentials as your My Cardinal Connect student portal; always use your Cardinal Email to contac TVCC regarding your student account.

Q : Where can I get a statement of my tuition & fees/housing?

A : Statements can be accessed through your My Cardinal Connect student portal, within the “Student Finance” module.  The business office has some instructions for how to arrange payment online available.  

Q : What is Pay-as-You-Go registration?

A : During the Pay-as-You-Go registration period, students must arrange payment for their semester tuition at the time of registration.  For more information, check out the Pay-as-You-Go registration schedule.

Q : How can I get an Enrollment Verification?

A :  You can request and enrollment verification right from your My Cardinal Connect portal.