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The learning framework course is the academic course decided upon by the QEP Action Committee that will operate as a college preparatory, three semester credit-hour course mandated for first-time-in-college (FTIC), associate degree-seeking students in academic, workforce, Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ), dual credit, and distance learning programs of study.

The main purpose of the learning framework course is to improve overall learning by helping the student learn how to “learn” and teaching them how to maximize the available academic support resources. The skills and insights presented with the standardized curriculum is designed to engage and equip students with competence and confidence as they face the college environment for the first time.

Additionally, the curriculum within the course is expected to prepare the students with a sustaining self-reliance and resilience that will assist them in confidently facing academic challenges. 
This is a three-credit-hour core course is transferrable to a university and a graduation requirement. It is cross listed as either an education course (EDUC 1300) or a psychology course (PSYC 1300). So as to fit into all students’ schedules, this course is offered in different formats; face-to-face, internet, and an internet hybrid course. 
The curriculum for the Learning Framework course was selected specifically for our purpose of academic preparedness and self-discovery. It includes instruction on and practice with technology literacy, effective and productive classroom skills and behaviors (such as note-taking skills and study skills), effective communication, time management, personal assessments, and an introduction to college resources (such as tutoring, advisement, and disability services). Additionally, students will practice self-efficacy skills that will support resilience and tenacity that are essential to lifelong learning and personal growth. 
Students will produce a final capstone project in which they create a portfolio with information gathered from research into a career and college major field of study. This portfolio is completed in seven steps that include the study of personal characteristics that fit a career choice, the educational requirements to reach this professional goal and a comparison of two colleges or universities that offer the program in their desired field of study. 
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