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Trinity Valley Community College (TVCC) identified college readiness as the focus of the college’s proposed Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), Step Out Onto the Pathway to ProgressThis plan is an integrated component of the TVCC mission and embraces our institutional culture of student-success and lifelong learning.

Our plan emerged from discussions and surveys among administrators, faculty, staff, students, and community leaders as they were asked to identify an issue that affected student learning that most needed improvements. Data revealed TVCC picturethat students, particularly in their first semester at TVCC, were experiencing a low rate of academic success due to multiple barriers, complex needs, and competing priorities.  

By providing pathways for this first year experience, the proposed QEP  should empower the first-time-in-college students to improve collegiate survival skills and develop a strong connection to TVCC.  

Download the TVCC's QEP comprehensive plan 
                   September 2016

Download TVCC's QEP plan March 2017

Download the QEP Talking Points