Welcome to the Valley Family,

Here at the Valley, students will always be the primary focus of Trinity Valley Community College and they are the College's greatest asset.  It is our goal to continue to improve services to our students and to offer opportunities for every student who seeks a college education through your sacrifical gifts.  To fulfill this goal of serving all of our students, TVCC Foundation was established in 1974.

Creating Opportunities, Building Lives

Endowments and unrestricted gifts have provided the solid financial foundation needed to grow our college across. When an endowed fund is created, the original fund, or corpus, can never be used. Only the earnings are expended. This way, the fund can benefit students and faculty for generations to come.

Over the years the TVCC Foundation has awarded thousands of dollars to hundreds of students who might not otherwise have been able to attend college.  Together, we are making a difference in the lives of students and in the communities we serve.

Invest in TVCC

Your gift to the TVCC Foundation is an investment in our students, our faculty and our potential. By supporting TVCC, you help us secure educational opportunities for future generation of students and meet the enormous challenges we face as a society. Together, we will sustain an enduring tradition of scholarship, service and pride.

At TVCC, we are not afraid to take risks, to test bold hypotheses or to rethink traditional approaches to problems. We are innovators of new technologies and medical procedures. We dare to ask new questions and to celebrate the synergy and solutions that result when people from seemingly unrelated disciplines join together for a common cause. With additional private support, we will be able to bring a wider spectrum of research opportunities to TVCC — and consequently offer more solutions to those we serve locally and around the world.