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TVCC Scholarship Application

Faculty/Staff Scholarship Form


TVCC Foundation

The mission of the Trinity Valley Community College (TVCC) Foundation is to support the growth and development of TVCC, its students, faculty and staff. TVCC Foundation fulfills this mission by actively encouraging private gifts from individuals, corporations and foundations to transform lives through affordable and accessible education. 


Foundation Board


Executive Cabinet
Mike Hembree, Chair
Vice-Chair, TBA
David Hopkins, Treasurer
Secretary, TBA

Staff Members
Dr. Jason Morrison, TVCC President
Emily Heglund, Executive Director of TVCC Foundation

Faculty Member
Tom Sheram, Welding Instructor

Student Member
Genesis Foreman

Mary Ensign, Athens
Jeff Ayers, Flint
Steve Grant, Athens
Blake Laird, Athens
Nicole Cornish, Athens
Ashley McKee, Athens


Jess Laird, Athens


TVCC Foundation Scholarships

The Purpose Of The Foundation Scholarship Program

Trinity Valley Community College Foundation is committed to our mission to support the college by having funds available to provide scholarships to students desiring an education.

How Foundation Scholarships Can Be Used

A Foundation scholarship can be used to cover the direct and indirect costs of education depending on donor agreements. This includes: the purchase of books, payment of fees and tuition, miscellaneous related expenses and the costs of room and board.

Eligibility To Apply

Any TVCC student is encouraged to apply for a Foundation scholarship. Each scholarship has individual requirements based on the donor wishes through scholarship MOU agreements.

For scholarships that require the student to reside in the TVCC service area, students must live in one of the following school districts: 

Athens, Brownsboro, Canton, Cayuga, Chandler, Crandall, Cross Roads, Edgewood, Elkhart, Eustace, Forney, Frankston, Fruitvale, Kaufman, Kemp, LaPoynor, Mabank, Malakoff, Martins Mill, Murchison, Neches, Palestine, Rains, Scurry-Rosser, Slocum, Terrell, Trinidad, Westwood and Wills Point.

For scholarships that require the student to reside in the TVCC tax district, students must live in one of the following school districts: 

Athens, Brownsboro, Chandler, Crandall, Cross Roads, Eustace, Frankston, Kaufman, Kemp, LaPoynor, Mabank, Malakoff, Murchison, Palestine, Scurry-Rosser, Terrell, and Trinidad.

Criteria To Apply

  • Unless otherwise noted in the scholarship eligibility criteria, a student must be enrolled as a full-time status for most scholarships (nursing scholarships are a minimum of 3 hours)
  • Each Foundation scholarship recipient will be matched with the scholarship that best fits their needs and the criteria of each Foundation scholarship
  • Must meet all TVCC admission requirements as found in the TVCC Catalog.

Application Process

  • Applicants must complete and submit the TVCC Foundation Scholarship Application when it becomes available in the spring semester. The deadline is typically June 1 of each year for fall and November 3 each year for spring scholarships.
  • Applications must have two signed letters of recommendation from non-family members.
  • Applications must include an essay from the student explaining their academic goals and objectives and why they desire the scholarship requested.  This must also include a list of volunteer and community activities the student has participated in.
  • Students who receive a Foundation scholarship, must attend the annual Foundation scholarships dinner. Invitations are mailed separate from award letters.
  • Students who receive a Foundation scholarship, must email or accept the award in person at the Institutional Advancement Office-1st Floor-Administration Building. Call Linda Land at 903-670-2620 if you need assistance. 
  • Scholarships will be matched with needs of each student. 
  • Foundation scholarships can only be used at TVCC and cannot be transferred to other colleges or universities.
  • All Foundation scholarship recipients must maintain 2.0 to receive future foundation scholarships. Some Foundation scholarships require 2.5 or higher. 
  • Copy of all transcripts (high school, GED, other colleges or universities) as of date of application.
  • After the scholarship committee convenes and makes awards, recipients will receive notification of their awards in mid-June (for fall) and mid-November (for spring).

Ongoing Requirements Of Foundation Scholarship Awards

If there is an unused balance of the award beyond the fall semester; the student can carry those funds to the spring semester within the same academic year provided all eligibility requirements have been maintained. 

If the Foundation award is not used within the same academic year, it will go back into the Foundation scholarship fund for future use by other TVCC students. 

The Value Of Each Scholarship

The value of Foundation scholarship awards vary by scholarship. The value of a specific scholarship will be noted in the letter that students receive when notified. Most awards range from $500-$2,000.

The TVCC Foundation awards two types of scholarships to its students; Endowed and Non-Endowed.

  • Endowed scholarships are set-up to be funded in perpetuity with the corpus of the donor gift intact and only the earnings awarded to students.
  • Non-endowed funds are funded on an as needed basis and the entire donor fund can be awarded to zero dollars. 

Contact the foundation by sending an email to for more information about foundation scholarships that are currently available.


We are proud of you for pursuing your dreams! Don't give up and remember we are here for you if you need us.  Email us at or call 903-670-2620 for more information or assistance.