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Institutional Advancement & TVCC Foundation Strategic Plan & Goals


TVCC’s strength as an institution depends greatly on access to resources that enable TVCC to provide a world-class academic programs that prepare students to succeed in a professional environment and a campus community where scholars can excel in the classroom and on the field. Your support can help ensure that we can continue to offer:


  • -- A strong TVCC community where inquiry and excellence thrive.
  • -- Powerful faculty-student interaction.
  • -- A rich array of co-curricular activities.
  • -- An emphasis on collaboration and innovation in teaching and research across disciplines.
  • -- Meaningful opportunities to lead positive change. 


TVCC Foundation and Institutional Advancement’s overarching goals can help ensure TVCC has strong financial footing well into the future throughout the following goals, college-wide. 

  • --  Maximize Student Success, through Engagement, Encouragement and Empowerment
  • --  Develop Employee Excellence, through Engagement, Encouragement and Empowerment
  • --  Provide Community Enrichment and Service, through Engagement, Encouragement and Empowerment and
  • --  Ensure Institutional Improvement, through Collaboration, Innovation and Action


To that end, we aspire to:

  • -- Strengthen the lifelong ties our alumni have to their alma mater and one another.
  • -- Achieve 50 percent alumni participation by 2025.
  • -- Execute a successful comprehensive campaign to ensure that we can attract and retain the best students and faculty, while offering a distinct brand of education that prepares students to build a better future for themselves, the nation and the world by 2026.
  • -- Increase our branding and communications precense throughout Texas and beyond.


In order to accomplish these lofty goals, we need YOU! 


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Because of your financial support, TVCC can continue its aspiration to be the institution of choice for students and a magnet for extraordinary faculty. With your generous gifts to TVCC, we can set ambitious, but achievable academic goals that will further position us as an indispensable institution.


With love,

Emily Heglund

 Executive Director of the TVCC Foundation