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Frequently Asked Questions by Donors

Why should I give to the TVCC Foundation?

TVCC's budget has grown with its student body, its mission, its commitment to excellence and the desires of the public to see highly educated, technically proficient graduates in the workforce.  However, state funding has not grown accordingly.  Gifts to TVCC allow it to grow in ways that basic funding cannot accomplish.  Private gifts allow for programs that state funding does not or cannot fund, such as scholarships, special acquisitions, equipment purchases or the creation of endowments.


Can my gift make a difference?

As gifts to scholarships are received, however large or small, they are added to our endowment for future growth and the earnings from the endowment will be available for use.  A scholarship for one of our students can make a difference....a difference of perhaps staying in college or not.


Can I designate the use of my gift? is your money.  Such options include the scholarships, unrestricted designation, unrestricted athletic funds and capital/building needs.


Is my gift tax-deductible?

Yes, as permissible by law. All donations will be acknowledged in writing for tax purposes.


How do I find out more regarding planned giving, wills & estates and other avenues of giving to the TVCC Foundation?

Contact your personal financial planner, attorney, consultant, or Emily Heglund at or contact Emily directly at the TVCC Foundation Office at 903-670-2664.