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    Unsure of which type of course would be the best fit for you? Take the Smarter Measure: Learning Readiness Self-Assessment below. This assessment will help you determine which type of course would be best fit for you as a student based on your answers to a few questions. 


    This is optional for students to take and is not a requirement to take classes here at Trinity Valley Community College, this is simply an assessment to help you learn what you will need to be successful as a TVCC student. After completing this exercise, you will receive a score report that will help you identify your strengths and any areas for improvement, as well as provide resources to help you succeed in your academic career.


Remember, this exercise is for your benefit. Take your time to rate yourself honestly for the best results.


Taking the Quiz:

Smarter Measure: Learning Readiness Self-Assessment

To take the assessment, simply click "First Time User" and log in with the following credentials.

Username:  trinityvalley

Password:  student