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Transient Students

For students visiting with TVCC for transfer credit, but who primarily attend another institution and are not degree seeking with Trinity Valley

Transient Students
1Apply to TVCC

Students can apply online through by creating an account, and filling out the "New Student" application through Apply Texas.  You will receive a confirmation email upon creating your account, as well as a confirmation that we have received your application for TVCC.  A paper application is also available to turn in on any campus, or mail to the registrar's office.  Applications submitted online are typically processed within 3-5 business days; however, be aware that during heavy registration times (July, August, and December) turnover may be higher.  It is best to apply as early as possible, preferably before the registration period for your starting semester has opened.  This allows students ample time to complete the admission process before completing course registration.

Apply Online     Paper Application


2Submit your Transcripts

For full admission to TVCC, students must submit a high school or GED transcript, as well as any transcripts from previously attended institutions of higher learning.  Typically students are given a one-semester window for receipt of transcripts, meaning you may register for your first semester only; subsequent semester registration will be blocked pending transcript receipt.  Non-degree seeking students should keep in mind that failure to submit transcripts may place a hold on the student's account resulting in failure to release student's TVCC transcript for credit of the transient courses at their primary institution.

All students with TVCC must go into a degree plan, even if you are only taking transient courses.   Students should submit testing scores or proof of TSI completion, prior to enrollment in our degree courses.  If you are unsure if you are required to test or are are confused about submitting proof of completion, contact the registrar or advisement center.  Often times, transcripts from your previous institution may prove completion.  If student testing is required, TVCC gives the TSI (Texas Success Initiative) exam on the Athens, Palestine, and Terrell campuses.  Visit the Testing Center for information on the TSI exam schedule.  Already Sure you'll need to test on campus?  Be sure to complete the Pre-Assessment Activity online; print and take your Pre-Assessment Certificate with you on testing day.

Submit Test Scores


3Submit your shot record

Texas state law requires all students under the age of 22 to submit documentation of their bacterial meningitis vaccination.

Meningitis Documentation



While TVCC understands that our transient students are non-degree seeking with TVCC, we still require all students to be advised and put into a degree plan.  It is vital to our students' success that we discuss degree plans, career goals, and your academic needs prior to enrollment in courses.  There are advisors available on each campus Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.  Students have several options to meet with an advisor; a trip to campus may not even be necessary. 

Meet with an Advisor



If you feel you are ready to register for classes, you may be eligible to register online through My Cardinal Connect but ONLY if you have previously met your advising requirements.  Students wishing to register online may do so if they feel confidant in what courses they need to take.  Log into My Cardinal Connect to complete registration.  If you are new to the My Cardinal Connect Portal, we have some Instructions for Registration, as well as on how to log into the portal.

My Cardinal Connect may tell you are ineligible for online registration; below are some of the reasons a student might not be eligible to register online:

  • Not TSI Complete
  • Overdue Balance
  • Academic Probation/Suspension (GPA below 2.0)
  • Documentation owed to the Registrar's Office
  • Hitting a 30 hour marker (Students who reach a 30, 60, or 90 hour milestone must see an advisor to discuss the completion of their degree plan and graduation plans.)


If you are not eligible to register online (for reasons other than overdue balance), you can still meet with an advisor.  Students with a past due balance must contact the Business Office to settle the overdue amount before any further registration.  Students on academic probation/suspension should contact the Academic Review Board for an appointment to discuss further action and registration.



6Log Into your Student Portal and Cardinal Email

Now that you are a TVCC student, it is time to familiarize yourself with your My Cardinal Connect student portal and Cardinal Email.  The student portal is your resource for most school related tasks, from viewing and accepting your financial aid awards, making tuition payments or installments, registering for classes, and one day applying for your graduation.  To log into your TVCC student portal, My Cardinal Connect, you will need your Cardinal ID username.  TVCC has compiled instructions on how to log in to your portal for the first time, complete with a way to locate your Cardinal ID username and find your password.  Once you have successfully logged in, it is best to take a look around and explore all of the resources and tools you have as a student right at your fingertips.  

Your Cardinal Email will use the same log in information as your student portal.  TVCC provides students with their own emails so that we may communicate with you securely.  Be aware that any communications from TVCC will go this email address; check your Cardinal Email regularly to stay up to date and informed.


7Pay Tuition

Payment for tuition and fees is due a week or two before the semester start date; you can find due dates on the TVCC Calendar.  Be sure to double check your statement through your student portal to ensure any financial aid awarded to you is distributed.  There are instructions available for how to set up your tuition payment(s) through your portal.

If you have signed up for housing on campus, be sure to stay alert for these due dates as well.


8Get Books & ID***

All students are required to carry their student ID on campus.  Student IDs are required for admittance into many school facilities, such as the library, Cardinal Success Center, or our testing centers.  TVCC student ID cards can be obtained at the following locations during normal business hours (Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.).

Athens - Campus Security, Math/Journalism Building

Palestine - Learning Resource Center

Terrell - Learning Resource Center

Terrell HSC - Please visit the Terrell campus Learning Resource Center

You can acquire a  list of your textbooks at the bookstore website; their are instructions available on how to find your textbooks.  To purchase your textbooks, visit the TVCC bookstore on the campus that is most convenient for you.  If you are enrolling in a campus-specific course, be sure to call ahead and ensure that your required textbooks are available.


7Attend Class

TVCC has several locations as well as an abundance of online courses available.  Good luck with your semester!  Needing assistance getting started in your online courses?  Distance Learning has resources available for first time online students.

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10/9/2020 8:05:24 AM