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The State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA) is a national initiative to provide more access to online courses while maintaining compliance standards with state regulatory agencies. SARA allows institutions to provide online courses outside of their own state borders by seeking and maintaining state approvals. To learn more about SARA, please visit:

Professional Licensure:

Out of state students that are considering an online academic program that leads to a professional license should contact the appropriate licensing agency before beginning your academic program. Students should contact their state licensure agency to determine the academic requirements for a license. Academic programs and individual graduates must meet standards set by that state’s licensure requirements in order for a graduate to be eligible for a license. SARA does not provide reciprocity for state professional licensing requirements.

Student Complaints:

If a student located in a SARA state has a complaint about Trinity Valley Community College, the complaint must first go through the TVCC's complaint and grievances processes. 

If the student is not satisfied with the outcome of that process, a complaint may be brought to the Texas SARA portal entity.

The SARA portal entity in the state where the student is located will be notified that the complaint was received and may assist as needed. Resolution by the institution’s home state is final.

For additional information please contact:

Dr. Holley Collier, AVP of Innovation and Instructional Support,