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The Valley 2017
The visiting committee presented an oral summary in an
exit report to the chief executive officer and the TVCC
SACSCOC leadership team on the last day of the visit.
The departure of the SACSCOC reaffirmation committee
from campus does not mark the end of the reaffirmation
process. The visiting committee report and the response
of the institution to the findings of the committee
are reviewed by the Committee on Compliance and
Reports, a standing committee of the Commission. The
Committee on Compliance and Reports recommends
action on reaffirmation to the Executive Council of the
Commission. The Executive Council in turn recommends
action to the Commission on Colleges, which makes the
final decision. TVCC received official notification that
TVCC’s accreditation was reaffirmed by SACSCOC with
no additional report requested. TVCC’s next reaffirmation
will be in 2027.
What’s a
Maribeth McAnally, Business Technology Instructor
Since its beginning in 1946, Trinity Valley
Community College has endeavored to serve its
students and community by providing quality
education and training for its growing body of
students. To improve student learning, a new
initiative named Pathway to Progress began
pilot testing a new course last spring. The course,
EDUC 1300 Learning Frameworks, is a part of
TVCC’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP). The
QEP focus is on improving student learning and
is a part of the upcoming review by the Southern
Association of Colleges and Schools Commission
on Colleges (SACSCOC). This new initiative
reflects the institution’s commitment to one of
the core missions as a learning-centered college.
Pathway to Progress project has three stages:
Topic identification, development, and piloting
and promoting. In the first phase of initiative
from 2014-2016, topic identification, multiple
surveys and discussions were conducted. As
a result of interactions with faculty, students,
student support services staff, and community
leaders, college readiness and academic success
were identified as the focus of a new initiative.
The Pathway to Progress initiative would target
first-time-in-college Associate degree-seeking
As a part of the second phase, development,
the main goals for the Pathway to Progress were
identified. The main goals were divided into
two areas: improving students’ college survival
skills and integrating students into the collegiate
community. In 2015 a curriculum committee
was formed that consists of faculty members and
student support staff. The committee identified
the course objectives of improving college course
goal setting activities, time management skills,
note taking and study skills, career pathways,
emotional intelligence skills, introduction to
college resources, and college activities. Suitable
course materials and textbook were identified to
match the project goals.
Beginning the fall 2016, only the Associates of
Art majors were required to complete the course
in their first semester at TVCC. Associates of
Applied Sciences majors are required to complete
the course beginning Fall 2017. However, all
students are welcome and encouraged to enroll
and complete the course.
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