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The Valley 2017
In late 2016, TVCC made significant progress in expanding the
college’s footprints in Athens and Terrell.
An agreement with the City of Athens for the college to purchase
the property known as Central Park and the former National Guard
Armory will add a new fitness facility for college students and
employees, while an agreement with the City of Terrell transferred
the former hospital site on State Highway 34 South to establish a new
Health Science Center.
The Athens purchase was approved by the City Council and the
TVCC Board of Trustees at their respective meetings in November
2016 and finalized in March, 2017.
Athens Mayor Jerry Don Vaught said, “The City Council is very
pleased to have come to a fair agreement on the purchase of the
Central Park property with
TVCC. We feel strongly that the
college will have the best use for
the property with possible future
expansion of college facilities.
This will be a great benefit to the
Athens community and the future
prosperity and growth of Athens
“I appreciate the vision of the TVCC Board of Trustees and Athens
City Council,” said TVCC President Dr. Jerry King. “We plan to
ultimately use the armory as a TVCC Fitness Center and as a location
for community and college meetings. The addition of Central Park
will also provide an opportunity for future expansion of the TVCC
As a part of the purchase agreement, 50 need-based scholarships
valued at up to $2000 each for Athens residents will be provided.
In Terrell, TVCC will invest approximately 8 million dollars in capital
improvements to renovate and repurpose the former hospital and
will provide 250 scholarships over 10 years to Terrell High School
graduates, with preference given to those who choose a Health Science
curriculum. Scholarships will be available beginning with the 2018-
2019 academic year but graduates of THS from any year will be
eligible to apply.
In addition to TVCC’s investment in the property, the college plans
to establish an Associate Degree Nursing (RN) Program, provide
public health educational events and health fairs, work with Terrell
ISD to establish a Dual Credit Health Science Academy and other
programs to be determined.
“We are excited and look forward to providing greater educational
opportunities for our students in Terrell, Kaufman County and
throughout the TVCC service area in the renovated facility,” said Dr.
TVCC ultimately plans to move and expand the nursing programs
from the current location in the Health Science Center in Kaufman
to the renovated Terrell Campus. The current Health Science
Center in Kaufman will become
a Continuing &Workforce
Education Center providing
non-credit classes designed to
meet community needs for
workforce training and personal
enrichment in Kaufman County.
The Continuing &Workforce
Education Center will provide
training and preparation for employment, test preparation, state
employment, licensures and certifications, required professional
development, GED preparation and training partnerships with area
high schools, the regional workforce centers, governmental agencies
and other groups.
“This is an incredible opportunity for the college that will give us
room to expand the nursing program, develop new health occupations
programs, and provide much needed space for students to study and
collaborate,” said TVCC Health Science Center Provost Dr. Helen
Reid. “I fondly remember taking students to this same hospital for
their clinical rotations back in the 1980s. It will provide exciting
possibilities for realistic learning experiences such as using the ICU
for a high-fidelity simulation lab and having surgical technology
students practice in a real operating room. I am looking forward to
the transition.”
Making New Footprints
TVCC to expand facilities in Athens, Kaufman and Terrell
Artist’s rendering of the new Health Science Center planned for contruction in Terrell.
“We are excited and look forward to providing greater
educational opportunities for our students in Terrell,
Kaufman County and throughout the TVCC service area in
the renovated facility.”
TVCC President Dr. Jerry King
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