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The Valley 2017
Cheerleaders grab
11th national title
The Trinity Valley Cardinal
cheerleaders are repeat champions
after winning the national title in
April, 2017 in Daytona Beach,
The title was the college’s 11th
national cheerleading title. They have
the most national titles among all
programs at TVCC.
Cardinal cheerleaders have now
claimed national titles in 1989, 1990,
1991, 1993, 1996, 2001, 2002, 2005,
2008, and 2016 and 2017.
“It’s the best feeling in the whole world and I wouldn’t change it for
anything,” said Jeremy Seiver, in a story on tv.varsity.com after leaving
the mat, trophy in hand.
They trailed by 1.15 points after the preliminary round but finished
with a score of 98.30 points in the finals(finishing ahead of Navarro
College and Garden City Community College).
The Cardinal cheerleaders competed in the Junior College division
this year.
Last year, the Cardinals finished as the national champion and grand
champion. The grand national champion is for the school representing
the highest score in the finals for all divisions.
Men’s basketball takes a
good look at the hard life
Cardinals basketball players took a look at prison
life when they got a surprise tour of the Texas
Department of Criminal Justice’s Coffield Unit
and engaged the prison basketball team in a game.
The team was treated to a tour of the unit and
lunch before playing a scrimmage game, which
the Cardinals won 53-41. TVCC Associate Vice
President of TDCJ Correctional Education Dr.
Sam Hurley arranged for the visit and basketball
“Warden ( Jeffrey) Catoe and his staff were first
class. I appreciate them taking their time to spend
with us,” said Vice President of Student Services
Dr. Jay Kinzer. “The entire day was a very good experience for me and
I believe our student athletes benefited from it as well. We toured the
entire facility and saw, first hand, how life really is for the prisoners. If
that doesn’t get your attention, nothing will.”
“It was certainly an eye-opening experience that my guys will never
forget,” said Head Basketball Coach Guy Furr. “After spending a
couple hours behind bars our dorm rooms, cafeteria food, and daily
schedule started looking a lot better. At the end of the day, I feel it was
a positive experience for all involved.”
TVCC’s Trinity Prison Project has provided vocational and academic
training for prison inmates at the TDCJ units at Tennessee Colony
since 1969.
Sports Roundup
Cardinal basketball and Coffied Unit teams relax following their scrimmage.
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