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Our Partnership:

The Trinity Valley Community College and Sam Houston State University partnership provides a framework to develop programs designed to enhance the educational experience for students who attend both schools.  Articulation is designed to maximize  the amount of course work completed for the associate degree that can be applied to the baccalaureate degree for over 50 undergraduate majors at Sam Houston State University.  To seek admission as a transfer student, one must have completed 18 credit hours while maintaining a 2.0 GPA, or 12-17 credit hours while maintaining a 2.5 GPA.  Students with less than 12 transferable credit hours should enroll as a Freshman.

Reverse Transfer:

Reverse Transfer will allow students to transfer course work from Sam Houston State University to Trinity Valley Community College to complete requirements for the associate degree.  This program is specifically designed to allow students to receive the advantages of an associate degree despite leaving Trinity Valley Community College prior to completion. 

Joint Admission:

Joint Admission provides students a way to maximize use of facilities and programs offered jointly by Trinity Valley Community College and Sam Houston State University while making the transition from the associate to the baccalaureate degree. Benefits of joint admission include:

1) the ability to attend both schools simultaneously or alternately

2) an SHSU picture ID

3) SHSU computer and internet account

4) Library access

5) access to sporting events

6) Free electronic transfer transcript evaluation

7) Student access to transcripts online, with degree plan generation software prior to full enrollment at SHSU

8) Reduced application fee to SHSU

After acceptance under joint admission, students must continually meet admissions requirements for both institutions to retain eligibility.  Accepted students may transfer, alternate enrollment, or co-enroll in both institutions at their discretion.

Cooperative Advising:

Cooperative Advising allows qualifying college advisors the ability to access transfer transcripts and degree plan generation software via the web to advise transfer students. 

Time Compressed Degrees:

Time Compressed Degree Programs provides students the ability to simultaneously complete the High School diploma and associate degree in 4 years at TVCC, the baccalaureate degree in 2 additional years at SHSU, and a master's degree in 1 additional year for a total of 7 years.


Transfer Guide:

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