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Reverse Transfer

Follow these steps to complete a reverse transfer with TVCC to complete your two-year degree.


Reverse Transfer


Interested in coming back to TVCC for that two-year degree now that you have the credits?  Just follow these steps to complete a reverse transfer; it is easy to be awarded an associates degree from TVCC without ever having to come back to campus.


1Reapply to TVCC

To apply for graduation with TVCC you must be an active student.  Don't worry, we don't need you to complete any class registration, just an updated application. This allows us to reactivate your student account and update your information on file.  You will be notified once your new application has processed at the email provided on the new application.


2Send us Your Transcript

After you have filled out your updated application, you can go ahead and order your transcripts to be sent to TVCC officially.  It is not necessary to wait for your re-acceptance letter to complete this step.  TVCC cannot determine your graduation eligibility until we have received and evaluated your additional credits.


3Meet with an Advisor for a Degree Audit (Optional)

If you are sure that you have completed all of the requirements for your graduation, you may skip completing a degree audit with an advisor.  Our Completion Advisor will do an audit behind the scenes for you.   If for any reason you are not sure, or would prefer to double check before making the application for graduation, you can meet with an advisor for a degree audit.  In order to compete this audit, you must have received your re-acceptance correspondence and TVCC has to have received your official transcript.  


4Apply for Graduation

Within 48 hours of receiving your acceptance correspondence, you should be able to log into your My Cardinal Connect student portal.  There is a button below the portal sign-in for your username if you have forgotten it, labeled "Find my Cardinal ID."  Your password will likely have been reset to a generic format, also explained below the sign-in fields.  If you have difficulty signing into your student portal, contact IT Services.

Once you are able to log into you My Cardinal Connect student portal, you can apply for graduation under the "Graduation Overview" module.  Just select "Apply" and follow the on-screen prompts.  Be sure you complete this step by the application deadline; you can check for these deadlines on the TVCC Calendar.  After applying you will get a confirmation email in your Cardinal Email account when your application is successfully submitted.  Your Cardinal Email uses the same credentials as your My Cardinal Connect portal.


5Check your Cardinal Email

Once you have made your application, the Completion Advisor will go over your degree plan and verify that you meet graduation requirements.  Do not be discouraged if you are not contacted during the semester with regards to graduation - this is usually a good sign that everything is in order.  Graduation notification emails usually go out 2-3 weeks prior to the date of graduation ceremony, and are sent to your Cardinal Email.  These notifications will include where to acquire your graduation regalia, as well as information about the ceremonies, etc.  You do not have to attend a graduation ceremony to complete your graduation requirements.  Once you have graduated, you will receive information on how to receive your official diploma.


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10/14/2020 1:15:09 PM