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University Information

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East Texas Baptist University


Our Partnership:

To maximize the opportunity for a seamless transfer for our students from TVCC to ETBU:

TVCC students who follow the recommended program of study (common core and transfer curriculum) and who meet all other admissions requirements will be eligible for priority admission to ETBU. ETBU will provide information on transfer scholarship information for students who qualify.

In order to be accepted into ETBU a student must meet the following:

1. Transfer students should complete at least 24 credit hours.

2. Meet a 2.0 GPA requirement.

Please see the university catalog to determine which courses will transfer. If you have questions, please contact your guidance counselor.


Reverse Transfer:

Students who leave TVCC before completing their degree are encouraged to transfer hours earned at the university back in order to earn their Associates Degree.


Transfer Guide:

East Texas Baptist University Homepage

East Texas Baptist University Transfer Admissions

East Texas Baptist University Scholarship Information

TVCC Contact: advisinghelp@tvcc.edu

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5/13/2024 2:18:45 PM