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May 13, 2020 Board Meeting Minutes

Board of Trustees


Trinity Valley Community College

The Trinity Valley Community College Board of Trustees met in a special called session at 6:00 pm on Wednesday, May 13, 2020, via teleconference with the following members present.

Mr. Ray Raymond        Mr. Homer Norville        Mr. Kenneth McGee
Mr. Jerry Stone        Mr. Steve Grant        Dr. Charlie Risinger

Members not present:  Mr. Ron Day, Mrs. Paula Kimball, Mr. David Monk    

1.    Mr. Steve Grant opened the meeting with prayer.

2.  There were no public comments.

3.  The following topics were discussed in the president’s report:
      a.     Coronavirus update – we continue to receive guidance from the governor, coordinating board, and local health officials.
      b.     Spring semester is complete with 560 graduates.
      c.     Spring graduation is postponed until August 14.  There will be a remote on-line/social media celebration for the graduates. Health Science graduation may be scheduled earlier than August 14, depending on                guidance regarding social distancing.
     d.    Summer 1 classes will all be taught on-line except for vocational work-
            force classes who will meet and follow CDC guidelines.  Summer 2 classes will be decided at a later date to determine academic online and/or face-to-face options.
     e.    All TDCJ academic summer classes have been canceled this summer.
     f.    TDCJ workforce classes are postponed until the units open back up.
     g.    Dormitories are set to open on July 7 unless different guidance from officials say otherwise.
     h.    Athletics are scheduled to start August 1st as scheduled.  We will follow guidance from the NJCAA, which will be available before June 15.
     i.    Fall schedules will remain face-to-face and on-line as originally scheduled at this point.
     j.    We plan to continue with normal business operations with the doors locked following CDC protocols.  Advisors offices, registrar’s office, financial aid offices, business office, and administrator’s offices have all             worked very well serving our students using this format.
     k.    We are currently working on next year’s budgets.  We will meet in June and have a budget committee as we have the last few years.        

4.  Dr. Risinger moved, seconded by Mr. McGee, for the board to approve 
     expenditures as presented for the CARES Act.  Motion carried

5. The application for tax abatement for the Lily Solar, LLC (Will Furgeson,
    SunChase Power) was reviewed and discussed.

6. Mr. Stone moved, seconded by Mr. Norville, to adjourn the meeting at 
    6:59 pm.  Motion carried unanimously.

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