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We welcome your comments whether you have a compliment or a concern that you would like to share. Our Human Resources department assists in either addressing these or routing them to the appropriate office.

You may use this page to submit concerns and suggestions for improving our institution. We will review your remarks and either respond to you or forward the concern to the appropriate person who can best address your thoughts.

Tell us what you think!

Tell us about your compliments or concerns. While we hope that every experience you have with Trinity Valley Community College is positive we want to know about your concerns so that we may improve our service to the community.

In compliance with the Texas Administrative Code Title 19, Chapter 1, Subchapter E, Sections 1,110-1,120, Student Complaint Procedure, students may request the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board “to review and appropriately act on complaints concerning higher education institutions including enforcing applicable State laws” (U.S. Department of Education promulgated Program Integrity regulations). To file a complaint with the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board click here or visit

Reporting fraud, waste, and abuse of district property

TVCC is committed to maintaining public trust and the financial integrity of the College. To this end, internal controls have been implemented to safeguard College assets and to ensure that College funds are spent in strict accordance with Board policy and the annual budget adopted by the Board of Trustees.

To help safeguard College assets and ensure financial integrity, the Board and President offer an avenue for reporting suspected financial fraud, waste, and abuse to the College by completing and submitting the information below. Your report will be submitted directly to the TVCC Vice President Administrative Services and the TVCC Chief of Police for review and appropriate investigation.

The fraud, waste, and abuse reporting system should be used to report the following: theft of College property or money; misuse of College assets; conflicts of interest; and waste/abuse of College resources.

You may remain anonymous when filing a report or you may ask that your identity be kept confidential. Keep in mind that it may be more difficult to investigate the allegation if you do not identify yourself in your report, as it may be necessary to ask you for additional information. If you request that your identity remain confidential, your identity will only be disclosed to those individuals assigned to review the concern. The more information you can provide, the better chance the College will have of determining whether an illegal act or violation of College policy has been committed.

Have a question? Ask us!

College can be a confusing time. If you have questions and you don’t know whom to ask, complete the form below and we will respond promptly!

If you are a student and would prefer to meet with an advisor, call (903) 675-6350 to schedule an appointment today!

Comments can be submitted anonymously; however, we often need additional information to fully understand a concern. Additionally, we cannot follow up with you if we don’t have contact information. Therefore, we encourage anyone using this process to submit appropriate contact information.