Scholarship Application

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*Our next audition day will be on Saturday, April 14  begining at 10:00 am.  Please email Craig Lee at to sign up for an audition time.


Students can focus on acting or technical theatre (or both). Acting students must audition and interview with TVCC Theatre Department faculty. If you are interested in only technical theatre, you will not need to audition but need to schedule an interview. If you have a portfolio of work you have done in theatre or other related areas (such as art or music), we would like to see it during the interview.
You do not have to be planning to get a bachelor’s degree in theatre to be eligible for a theatre scholarship or admittance into the theatre program. You must, however, be willing to commit to the two-year theatre degree while you are completing the general education courses required for all bachelor’s degrees in the State of Texas.
Students who receive a scholarship will be required to complete the FASFA form before any scholarship awards will be applied.
Scholarship application process:
1. Please contact the Theatre Department (903-675-6290) for a scholarship form (or click here to download the form scholarshi
p form).  You will also need to provide a photograph (if you have a head shot, please include it), a copy of your transcripts, and two letters of reference to:
        Craig Lee
        Head of Performance Studies
        Trinity Valley Community College
        100 Cardinal Dr.
        Athens, TX  75751
2. An audition and/or interview will be required as part of the scholarship application process (see comments above regarding acting vs. technical theatre students). Please contact Craig Lee at 903-675-6290 or to set up an appointment.
Please prepare 1-2 two-minute monologues. If you choose to perform two monologues, please prepare contrasting pieces (for example, a serious and a comic piece).
        If you sing and/or play a musical instrument, you may perform a song as well.

3. Primary consideration for scholarship awards will be given to applications received by April 1, 2018. However, if there are remaining scholarship funds after initial awards are made, students whose applications are received after that date may still be considered for scholarship awards.

Students who receive a scholarship will be required to:
1. Complete the FASFA form before any scholarship awards will be applied.
2. Sign a departmental scholarship contract that outlines the terms of continued scholarship support.
3. Schedule a scholarship interview at the end of each semester with Theatre Department faculty so that grades and progress in the program may be assessed and a determination made as to whether scholarship support will be continued for the next semester.