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Criminal History

Criminal History


Criminal History


Students who are enrolling in Nurse Aide Classes (CNA) will be subject to a Department of Public Service background check prior to the beginning of training. PLAB 1323 Phlebotomy – (includes non-credit students)

  • PLAB 1023 Phlebotomy – (includes non-credit students)
  • NURA 1001/NURA 1028-Nurse Aide for Health Care
  • NURA 1060 Clinical

Students enrolled in the courses listed above should initiate a background as soon as possible after the start of class. Students deemed ineligible by the deadline listed in the syllabus should withdraw from the course to prevent course failure. “Make up clinicals” will not be available.

Students with unacceptable background checks can be dropped from the course/training. The Continuing Education Dept. will keep confidential all information obtained from these background checks. Students with histories which cause exclusion from training will likely find that they are excluded from many medical related careers. Therefore, early completion of this background check process is in the best interest of any student.

Posted Date:
9/5/2019 11:14:25 AM