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What Is The HESI Exam? Why Do I Need To Take It? Which programs  Is It Required For?

The HESI A2 is a computerized nursing entrance exam required for applying to the ADN, VN ,Surgical Technology, and ADN/Paramedic Transition programs at TVCC.  There is a 4 hour time limit for examinees to take the HESI A2 that begins when the instructions are read.  Further information regarding the HESI test is available at Elsevier.

Does The Testing Center Have Study Materials Available For The HESI Exam?

The Testing Center does not have study materials available for the HESI exam; however, the TVCC Bookstore in Athens does have the HESI Study Guide in stock.  Copies of the study guide are also on reserve in the libraries on each of the TVCC campuses.

How Do I Register To Take The HESI Exam? 

Pre-registration AND non-refundable $75 payment  are required  at least 24 hours in advance of the test date preferred.  Examinees may register & pay on the HESI page.  

 PRIOR to arriving to test, you MUST create an account with Evolve (the HESI testing company).  Instructions on creating your account can be accessed at Creating an Evolve Account.pdf.

Seating is very limited on each exam date, thus we recommend registering well in advance of the date you prefer to test if it is close to the application deadline for any health occupations program. 

When Is The HESI Exam Given?

See the testing schedule for each campus for dates.  The HESI exam will be given several times prior to each application deadline, however seating is limited on those exam dates, so do not wait close to the program application deadline to sign up for the exam.  Exam dates are subject to change.  

How Will I Learn My Test Date? How Will I be Notified If I Mail In My Registration?

You will select your testing date when you register. Remember, you can only take the HESI twice in an academic year and they must be 60 days apart. 


What Do I Need To Bring With Me On The Day I Am Scheduled To Test?

Please arrive no later than 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment for check-in.  All examinees must have photo ID on the day of exam to be admitted.  Scratch paper and pencils will be supplied for examinees. Please know your Evolve log-in information.

What If I Need To Reschedule Prior To My Scheduled Appointment? What If Something Comes Up And I Miss My Scheduled Appointment?

If for some reason you must reschedule, you will need to go back to the scheduling program you used to schedule your original exam no later than two (2) business days prior to your originally scheduled test date.  If you fail to cancel or reschedule  two (2) business days in advance, you will be required to pay another $75 exam fee to reschedule.    Please note that HESI fees are non-refundable.


I Did not Score High Enough To Apply For The Health Occupations Programs At TVCC. How Soon Can I Retest?

As stated in the brochures for the health occupations programs, for scores to be considered for application to the health occupations programs at TVCC, you must wait two (2) months before retesting and may not test more than twice in an academic year (that includes the initial examination and the retesting).  Regardless of the sections passed/not passed on the first attempt, all examinees will be required to retake all three required areas (grammar, math, and reading comprehension) again.  Therefore, it is best to take the HESI as early as possible in the event a retest is needed

Do I Have To Take The A&P Section During The Same Exam Session As The Three Required Sections, Or Can I Attempt It On Another Date?

Examinees are not required to attempt the A&P section of the HESI during the same exam session that they take the reading, grammar, and math sections for application to the Health Occupation programs. However, if you do not attempt it during the same test session as the three required sections, you will be required to repay the entire fee to do so.


Should I Take The Anatomy And Physiology Section Of The HESI A2 Exam?

The dean and counselor at the Kaufman HSC believe it would be beneficial for you to take the Anatomy and Physiology section of the HESI exam; however, it is not required at this time.

Can I Bring A Calculator To Use On The Exam?

Outside calculators are not permitted to be used on the exam.  A calculator is built into the HESI software and scratch paper is provided. 


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8/7/2023 2:47:59 PM