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New Employee Information


Does everyone who submits an application receive a phone call?

Not everyone who submits an application for a position receives a phone call. Once the closing date on a position has occurred, the applications are screened to see if all documents have been provided and if the candidate meets the minimum requirements. Applications are then sent to the hiring manager.  Interviews are then scheduled and conducted through that department/office.

Will the hiring manager call or email me to set up an interview?

The hiring manager or designee may contact you by phone or email (provided on the application) to set an interview date and time.

How quickly will the hiring manager call me if I am selected for an interview?

All efforts are made to make the turnaround time as quick as possible. Unfortunately, timing can be delayed due to schedules and convening an interview committee.

What do I do once I have received a phone call offer for a job?

Once a verbal job offer has been made, the applicant will receive communication from the human resource office with a written offer. The offer will be sent by email to the address supplied on the application or specified during the interview process as a preferred contact.  A work packet and appropriate IRS forms will follow the offer letter.  The hiring manager will stay in contact with you to determine the start date and other information.


Benefits/Leave FAQs

When does insurance begin? How is that paid for? Does the College pay for any of it?

Medical insurance begins 60 days after the first day of the month following the day you begin working. For example, if your first day of employment was May 15th, you would not be eligible for insurance until August 1st.  All other supplemental policies may become effective on the first day of the month of employment.  (Options should be discussed with Benefits Manager).

New Faculty members starting at the beginning of a new school year:  Supplemental policies are effective September 1st; Medical insurance begins November 1st. 

The college and/or state pays 100% of the medical, basic life, optional life up to 2x annual salary, and long-term disability premiums for the employee only as well as a portion of the dental coverage. In addition, approximately 50% of the same coverages are paid for dependents as well. 

How often and when do we get paid?  How am I notified that my pay is available?

The College pays on the 5th and the 20th of the month. If the payday falls on a holiday, the paycheck is issued on the last business day before the holiday. 

The payroll schedule is found on the Human Resources page under “Employee Resources”.

Your paycheck stubs/advices are located in MCC (My Cardinal Connect) are you can access pdf copies at any time.

How is time off accrued for an instructor?

All 9-month faculty will be eligible for two days of personal leave per year. The immediate supervisor, associate vice president, provost, and vice president of instruction must approve personal leave in advance. Personal leave does not accumulate.

Eligible full-time faculty members and employees are granted one (sick) leave day for each month of employment. The maximum number of sick leave days that can be accumulated is 45 days.

Do I receive vacation time?

12-month employees accrue one day of leave for each month worked. With advanced scheduling and approval from the supervisor, the days may be used for paid time off.  Please see the Employee Handbook for additional details.

Is there sick leave?

Please see the Employee Handbook concerning sick leave.

There is a sick leave donation program, the Sick Leave Pool, for extenuating illness or injury situations, available.  Contact Human Resources for details.

Do I complete a time sheet?  Where do I get it and who do I turn it in to?

Administrative Assistants, clerical and salaried employees who do not meet FLSA regulations (non-exempt) should complete a time sheet. The time sheet should be submitted for the supervisor's approval through MCC. The payroll office will process the timesheet by the date shown on the payroll schedule.

What do I do, who do I notify if I need to be absent?  Is there paperwork to be completed if I am out?

When an absence from work is necessary, the immediate supervisor shall be contacted by a process previously determined.  Upon returning to work, the employee must complete a sick leave authorization form and return it to the supervisor. Employees will not be compensated for unused sick leave. If your absence is more than 3 days please contact HR for options and proper paperwork, if applicable.

Your Cardinal ID and TVIN are issued to you after you have been entered into TVCC’s system.

•    Your TVIN will follow this format: 00xxxxx
•    Your Cardinal ID will follow this format:  [first name].[last name]
•    Your default password will be provided to you 
•    Use your Cardinal ID to:
           ♦ Log into any TVCC computer
           ♦ Complete Security Training
           ♦ Access Cardinal Connection
           ♦ Register your mobile device
           ♦ Access the Network/ Wireless
           ♦ Access your email

About Your Password
Here are some quick tips about your password:
•    Expires every 180 days (that’s about twice a year)
•    If it expires while you’re off campus, you cannot change it using OWA
•    It is best to change your password when it prompts you and before it expires!
Q: Can I reset my password using the student tiles under the OWA?
Q: How do I change my password?
A: Log onto a TVCC Computer Ctrl+Alt+Delete Click Change Password (or) if you are off-campus you can change this using the OWA if your password has not expired.
Q: Who do I contact for questions about my username?
A: Open an incident with IT Services through Service Now.
Q: What do I do if my account is locked?
A: DON’T PANIC! Wait 15 minutes (or) if you continue to have issues, call 903-675-6300.

Q: Who do I contact for Canvas support?
A. If you can’t log into email or Canvas contact IT. All other issues - Distance Learning at extension 6286.
Q: What is a Share drive and do I need one?
A: Share drives are TVCC-issued storage that is backed up regularly. To request yours, open an incident.
Q: Who do I contact for support for my Xerox copier?
A: Melissa Singletary in the Business Office at extension 6214.


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