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An important message from TVCC President Jerry King, Ed.D.

Message from TVCC President Jerry King

Cardinal Family,

All of us at Trinity Valley Community College have been deeply saddened, troubled and negatively impacted by the horrific injustice observed in the death of George Floyd and other tragedies that have taken place in our country.

Racism and violence have no place in our community or in our nation. TVCC will provide unwavering support for our students to have an equal opportunity for a better life through education in a safe, meaningful, inclusive environment that is free from discrimination and racism.

It is TVCC’s commitment to our students, faculty, staff and communities to promote and affect positive change to ensure racism, violence, hateful rhetoric, discrimination, bullying, and harassment are not tolerated. However, we understand that words are not enough and action is required. We want to listen, learn, and create a dialogue for positive changes and safe environment.  TVCC is joining with the other 49 community colleges to build a task force that will adopt standards and leadership to promote positive change in the communities we serve.

It is TVCC’s commitment to work together to provide meaningful and sustainable change. I welcome and encourage any and all of you to join me in providing positive dialogue, suggestions, and recommendations to help TVCC meet this commitment.  I look forward to working together to be part of the solution.

We Are TVCC!

Jerry King, Ed.D.
President, Trinity Valley Community College

Posted Date:
6/7/2020 2:17:26 PM