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TVCC Presents Greg Piccolo at The Texan on Sunday, March 31

The TVCC Music Department is presenting a free jazz performance at The Texan: A Landmark Venue on Sunday, March 31 at 4 p.m.

Greg Piccolo

The TVCC Music Department is presenting a free jazz performance at The Texan: A Landmark Venue on Sunday, March 31 at 4 p.m.  The concert features jazz musician, Greg Piccolo, a tenor saxophonist, guitarist, vocalist, and song writer who has been a major contributor to blues and vintage music for over 50 years.

Perhaps best remembered for his 24-year stint with Rhode Island's internationally renowned jump blues band Roomful of Blues, Greg Piccolo has followed his muse since his teenage years.

It was during the early 1980's that Greg started writing songs, and Roomful's 1984 release "Dressed Up To Get Messed Up" broke new ground for the band in that most of the tunes came from his pen, and endowed the band with an artistic integrity that none could dispute. Greg had given Roomful of Blues, a band that could trace its musical influences back to the nineteen thirties, a contemporary edge that put it in the vanguard of roots based bands.

In 1990 Greg cut his first solo album "Heavy Juice" for Black Top Records. A collection of mainly instrumental cuts, it featured his tenor saxophone and garnered unanimous critical acclaim. Around this time he took up guitar, which he had dabbled with when a teenager, and fairly quickly developed a sound that could fairly be described as archetypical Piccolo. Just like his sound on sax, his sound on guitar emphasized tone and simplicity to tell a story.

Greg left Roomful in 1994 to follow his own particular musical vision. Greg Piccolo and Heavy Juice toured incessantly for the next five or six years, and cut two albums for Fantasy Records, "Acid Blue" (1995) and "Red Lights" (1997). The sound was more contemporary than his previous work and showed his willingness to experiment and to blaze new trails. Nevertheless, it was still music with a feeling. Both albums contained those Greg Piccolo staples that one had come to expect over the years. Finely crafted songs, tasty guitar, some raucous tenor, even a bit of alto, all heavily spiced throughout with soul and passion.

The Texan is located at 209 E. Tyler St. in Athens. Parking is available on the back side of The Texan off Larkin St. and admission is free to the performance.

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3/29/2019 10:22:49 AM