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Section I

General Information

Pursuant to the authority granted by Sections 51.201 et, 54.503, 65.31, and Chapter 76 of Title 3 of the Texas Education Code, the Board of Trustees of Trinity Valley Community College promulgated Parking and Traffic Regulations to regulate and control parking and traffic and the use of parking facilities, to provide for the issuance of parking permits, and to provide for jurisdiction over offenses. This booklet contains those regulations and procedures applicable to any person who walks or drives and parks a motor vehicle or bicycle on  any  of Trinity Valley Community College campus. These rules and regulations are supplementary to the ordinances in the Cities of Athens, Kaufman, Palestine, Terrell, and the statues of the State of Texas which governs pedestrians and the use of motor vehicles and bicycles.

The College is not responsible for fire, theft, damage to or loss of vehicles parked or operated on any college campus. No bailment is created by granting any parking or operating privileges regarding a vehicle on any property owned, leased or otherwise controlled by the College.

The administration and enforcement of the regulations contained in this booklet are as follows:

Traffic and Parking Appeals
Any person who receives a parking citation may file a request to appeal the citation by submitting an appeal form, located at the campus police department on the Athens campus or located on the campus police department web page, no later than 10 working days after the citation was issued.  If the appeal is not filed within this period, the citation is deemed final.

The Vice President of Student Services or his designee serves as the Parking Citation appeals administrator for all campuses.  Upon the decision of the appeal, the Parking Citation appeals administrator will notify the appellant of the decision.  The appeals administrator may order the payment of the fines in whole or in part, or the cancelation of such charges.  If the appeal is denied, the appellant is required to pay the charges within 10 working days after the notification of the Appeals administrator’s decision.  The Appeals administrator’s decision is final and there are no further appeals.

Campus Police
The campus police have the responsibility and the legal authority for the enforcement of the Parking and Traffic Regulations listed in this booklet. Campus police officers may issue campus citations or court appearance citations, ENFORCEABLE IN COURT. On special occasions and emergencies, such parking limitations may be imposed by the chief of police as are required by the conditions which prevail. When conditions warrant such action, the chief may waive parking limitations.
The College reserves the right to enforce parking and traffic regulations:

1.       Through the issuance of TVCC citations and the collection of administrative enforcement charges for

2.       Through the impoundment of vehicles interfering with the movement of vehicular or pedestrian traffic or
           blocking a sidewalk, loading dock, ramp, crosswalk, entrance, exit, fire lane or aisle and through the
           impoundment of vehicles for unpaid charges after proper notice as provided by these regulations.

 3.       By the suspension or revocation of permits.

 4.       By requiring either the vehicle owner, operator or the person who purchased the permit to appear before the
           Vice President for Student Services for non-payment of outstanding charges.

 5.       By barring the readmission and withholding grades, degree, refunds and official transcript of any student for
            non-payment of outstanding charges.

  6.       By disciplinary action against employees or students who fail to abide by these regulations.

 7.       By denying parking permits to those with overdue charges.

 8.       By the issuance of Court Appearance citations requiring an appearance in the appropriate state or
           municipal court.

 9.       By such other methods as are commonly employed by city governments or state agencies in control
           of traffic regulation enforcement.

Proof of the fact that any parking or traffic control device, sign, parking meter, signal or marking was actually in place at any location on any TVCC campus shall constitute prima facie evidence that the same is official and was installed under the authority of applicable law and these regulations.

When any person is charged with having stopped, parked and left standing a motor vehicle on any TVCC campus in violation of any provision of the Parking and Traffic Regulations, proof that said vehicle was, at the date of the offense, bearing a valid TVCC parking permit shall constitute prima facie evidence that said vehicle was then and there stopped, parked and left standing by the holder of the parking permit. However, if the vehicle does not bear a valid TVCC parking permit, proof that said vehicle at the date of the offense alleged, was owned by an individual is prima facie proof that said vehicle was then and there stopped, parked and left standing by said individual.

The College assumes no responsibility for any vehicle or any duty to protect any vehicle or its contents at any time the vehicle is operated or parked on the campus.

The College may deem a motor vehicle including a motorcycle, motor scooter, moped or bicycle parked on any College campus for more than 48 hours without a valid permit to be abandoned and may dispose of such vehicle.

Section II

Quick Reference to Parking and Traffic Regulations

Parking and traffic regulations on campus are in effect at all times.

Permits Required for Access & Parking
Trinity Valley Community College campuses are “Parking by Permit only” campuses.  The operating of a motor vehicle or bicycle on any Trinity Valley Community College campus is a PRIVILEGE granted by the College and is not an inherent right of any faculty/staff member,  student, or visitor. All faculty/staff, students, and visitors who park on TVCC property must have a valid TVCC issued parking permit or temporary parking permit.

Parking permits are issued through the campus police department on the Athens campus. Through the Library in the Anderson Building on the Palestine campus, through the Library on the Kaufman campus, and through the Library on the Terrell campus.

Faculty and Staff are provided parking permits at no cost.  Students are provided one parking permit each academic year at no cost and will be charged five dollars for each permit thereafter.

Visitors are provided temporary parking permits at no cost.

All parking permits expire August 31st of every even year (i.e. 2016, 2018).

Ownership of the permit remains with the institution and is not transferable. Any change affecting ownership of a vehicle on which a permit has been displayed must be properly reported to the Campus Police Department or college official issuing permits on the Palestine, Kaufman, and Terrell campuses.

Display of Permits
Parking permits must be properly affixed to the lower left-hand rear window of the vehicle. Permits which are taped or affixed by unauthorized materials will subject the holder to a citation. Additionally, the permit will be revoked and the holder may lose all parking privileges.

Temporary parking permits must be placed on the front driver side dash area of the vehicle, as to prominently display the information written on the permit.

Parking permits may not be altered in any way.

Only one parking permit may be displayed on a vehicle at any given time.

Surrender of Permits
Permits shall be surrendered when there is a change of vehicle ownership, when association with TVCC is terminated, when a replacement permit has been issued to take the place of a previously issued permit or upon expiration or revocation.

Specific Classes of Permits

Green permits are designated for faculty and staff only.

Blue permits are designed for Residence Hall students residing in the South and West Residential Halls only.

Orange permits are designated for Residential Hall students residing in the Northeast, Northwest and Cardinal Hall Residential Halls only.

Brown permits are designated for non-residence hall students and those who commute to Trinity Valley.

Yellow permits are designated as temporary permits and issued to campus visitors who temporarily utilize a vehicle not registered with TVCC.

Visitors are required to register the motor vehicle that is to be operated on the premises of Trinity Valley College.  Visitors must obey traffic and parking regulations as a condition of remaining on the premises of the college.

Temporary visitor permits are issued on a temporary basis and expire on the date and time indicated on the permit.  The expiration date and will be determined at the time of the permit’s issuance.

Guests visiting campuses during large-scale college sanctioned events such as athletic events, graduations, or theater productions are not be required to display a parking permit during the hours of the event.  During these events, visitors are restricted to parking in the immediate area of the event only.

Department heads my request visitor permits from the Campus Police Department and dispense the permits to the people involved in short-term visits to the college for events such as meeting and seminars.  A list should be forwarded to the Campus Police showing the course, estimated number attending, and inclusive dates of the event.  

No vehicles larger than one ton or any double hookups (vehicle and trailer) not directly involved with a sanctioned TVCC event may be parked on any TVCC campus without the consent of the Chief of Police for the Athens campus and the Provosts for the Kaufman, Palestine, and Kaufman campuses.  

Designated Parking Areas 

Green Curbs - Faculty and staff are instructed to park in the areas the curbs or inner lines are painted green, but are not restricted to those spaces only.

Blue Curbs – The holder of blue residential parking permit is limited to park in the areas with curbs painted blue and south and west hall parking lots only.

Orange Curbs – The holder of an orange dormitory parking permit is limited to park in the areas with curbs painted orange, and the northeast, northwest and cardinal hall parking lots only.

Brown Curbs – The holder of a brown commuter-parking permit is permitted to park in all student parking lots except those designated to faculty, visitor, and residential hall parking.

Students holding a brown commuter permit may park in areas marked with either a green curb or inner lines between the hours of 5-10 p.m. only.

White Curbs – White curbs are designated for TVCC visitors only.  Students are not permitted to park in these areas.

Police parking – Police parking is designated with the word Police stenciled on the curb or by signage.  Only authorized police vehicles are permitted to park in these areas.  Students, faculty/staff, and visitors are not permitted to park in these areas.

Handicap parking – No one expect those displaying a handicap tag or placard may park in handicap parking.

Temporary parking – Temporary parking is designated for visitors to the Student Union Building only.  Parking in these areas shall not exceed 20 minutes in duration by any one vehicle.

Yellow Curbs – (Kaufman Campus only) – These areas are designated to students who carpool with three or more students per vehicle. 
Students are instructed to write all students names on a sheet of paper and place the paper in front dash of the vehicle.  These vehicle must still be registered with a brown commuter permit.

Loading Zone Permits
A loading zone permit is not required on any TVCC campus. Vehicles shall not be parked as to obstruct the entrance or exit of a building.

Parking Lots
On special occasions and in emergencies, temporary parking and traffic control restrictions including the closing of certain parking lots may be made by the  Chief of Police, the President of the College, and/or by the President’s designee. These temporary restrictions shall have all the force of other written and approved regulations and shall be subject to the same penalties.

Speed Limit
The speed limit on all parts of any campus, whether on streets or in parking areas, is 20 mph unless otherwise posted. All vehicles are required to completely stop at each stop sign and then proceed cautiously without creating a hazard to vehicles not required to stop.

Posted Signs
Posted signs, whether permanent or temporary, must be obeyed at all times and take precedence over painted curbs, pavement markings, and designations shown on any College maps. The President or designee and the chief of police can approve barricades or temporary signs for special events, safety or other approved situations. No operator of a vehicle shall drive beyond a barricaded area or where prohibited by temporary or permanent signs. No operator shall remove such barricades or signs.

Parking Improperly
A vehicle shall not park on a street or parking lot where angle parking is required, with the back of the vehicle toward the curb or car stop, nor shall a vehicle be parked opposite the flow of traffic in the traffic lane where parallel parking is required at all times. Vehicles shall not park in a manner that obstructs walkways, driveways, ramps, loading docks, marked crosswalks, or inflicts damage to shrubbery, trees, grass, grounds or structures. Additionally, no vehicle may park on any unmarked or unimproved ground area which has not been marked or designated for parking.

Enforcement and Improvements
Failure to abide by these regulations may be the basis for disciplinary action against students and faculty or staff. Upon notice, violators may be subject to impoundment of their vehicle, pending payment of overdue charges. Students may also be barred from re-admission and have grades, degree, refunds or official transcripts withheld pending payment of overdue charges. When a student has accumulated five or more unpaid parking or traffic violations, they shall be notified by written memorandum from the campus police department, and may be subject to college disciplinary sanctions.

Parking Across Street by Cemetery
Parking adjacent to the Athens Cemetery to the north of campus is controlled by the City of Athens and is subject to their rules and regulations.
Pedestrian Rights and Duties
Pedestrians must obey all traffic control devices. They have the right-of-way at marked crosswalks, in intersections, and on sidewalks extending across a service drive, building entrance or driveway. The operator of a vehicle shall yield right-of-way to pedestrians in crosswalks. Pedestrians crossing a street at any point other than within a marked crosswalk shall yield the right-of-way to all vehicles on said street. Pedestrians shall not leave the curb or their place of safety and walk or run into the path of a vehicle which is so close that it is impossible for the driver to yield. Pedestrians may cross an intersection diagonally only where permitted by special pavement markings.

Inoperable Vehicles

If a vehicle becomes inoperable, contact the Campus Police at 903-675-6235. The police will either render assistance or authorize temporary parking. Temporary parking shall not exceed 24 hours and must not create an obstruction or hazard. No person shall stop, park or leave standing any vehicle within an intersection, sidewalk, or crosswalk.

Section III

Additional Parking Regulations

The purpose of these regulations is to provide for the safety and welfare of students, employees, and visitors and to provide for the control of traffic and parking. If any part of these parking and traffic regulations is held to be invalid, such validity shall not affect other provisions which can be given effect without the invalid provisions. The provisions of these regulations shall be cumulative of all other laws.

1.       The driver of an authorized emergency vehicle, when responding to an emergency call, fire or fire alarm,
           may disregard regulations governing direction of movement of traffic, reasonably exceed the speed limit
           and proceed past a traffic control device, so long as life and property are not endangered. Each
           authorized emergency vehicle must make use of audible and visual signals during a call.

 2.       The operation of a vehicle shall be restricted to campus drives, streets and parking lots. The vehicular use
           of inner-campus  will be restricted to campus vehicles and those authorized by the police department.

 3.       No person shall fail or refuse to comply with any lawful order or direction of any campus police officer
           invested by law with the authority to direct, control, and regulate traffic.

 4.       Any person who willfully or through negligent action causes damage to TVCC property shall be liable
           for any damage done to said property.

 5.       The driver of any TVCC vehicle involved in a collision shall immediately stop, and report the accident
            or collision to the TVCC Police Department at 903-675-6235 as well as the Director of Transportation

 6.       Trinity Valley Community College reserves the right to impound or remove all vehicles parked in violation
           of these regulations and vehicles abandoned for a period of 48 hours or more. The owners of the vehicles
           shall be responsible for payment of enforcement fees for the violations, any service fee assessed, and all
           costs incurred in the removal and storage of the vehicles. Neither the College nor its authorized personnel
           shall be liable for any loss or damage resulting from removal or storage. When an impounding violation
           occurs, the officer will supervise the impoundment, inspect any exterior or interior damage and list articles
           left in the car. Abandoned motor vehicles and bicycles may be disposed of as prescribed by law.

Section IV

Fine Amounts
First citation ------------Free
Second citation -------$5
Third citation ----------$10 
Fourth citation -------- $15
Fifth citation ----------- $20
The sixth citation and all received after are $25 each.

Fines may be paid at the cashier’s office, located in the administration building.