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Board of Trustees Minutes 10-24-2011

The Board of Trustees met Oct. 24, 2011

 Trinity Valley Community College
The Trinity Valley Community College Board of Trustees met in regular session at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, October 24, 2011 in the Board Room of the Orval Pirtle Administration Building in Athens, with the following members present:
Mr. Ray Raymond, Mr. Kenneth McGee, Mr. Homer Norville
Mr. David Monk, Mr. Jerry Stone, Mr. Jack Endres
Dr. Charlie Risinger, Mrs. Paula Kimball, Mr. Ron Day
1.  Dr. Risinger opened the meeting with prayer.
2.  Public comments were made on the outsourcing proposal and location of
      the proposed health sciences center.
3. Jennifer Hannigan reported on the The Valley magazine, the Jewell Palmer Scholarship, and the painting created by Daniela Matchael which was commissioned by the Friends of Cardinal Music.  Mrs. Hannigan also provided a report on all of the college athletic teams.
4. The following topics were discussed or reviewed in the President’s report:
     Dr. Forgey introduced Dr. Jeff Watson, the new Provost at the
     TVCC – Palestine Campus.
     Tina Rummel provided an update on the college graduation rate.
     Wendy Mays informed the Board on Distance Learning enrollment data.
     President Forgey showed pictures of the TVCC Show Team and the reserve champion Charolais bull at the Tulsa State Fair.  President Forgey also showed pictures of the Cardettes recent performance at the Texas State Fair and reported that the Cardettes performed at the opening ceremony for the first time ever.
    President Forgey reminded the Board of the Texas Health Resources – Kaufman Presbyterian Black Tie Gala – November 12.
    President Forgey reminded the Board that the next regularly scheduled Board meeting would be November 28.
5. Mr. Endres moved, seconded by Mr. Stone, the minutes to the September 26, 2011 Board meeting be approved.  Motion carried unanimously.
6.   Mr. McGee moved, seconded by Mr. Day, the Board approve the business, financial and investment reports for September 2011.  Motion carried unanimously.
7. Mr. Stone moved, seconded by Mr. McGee, the Board go into closed session at 8:11 p.m. in accordance with Government Code 551.082. Motion carried unanimously.
8. Mrs. Kimball moved, seconded by Mr. Stone, the Board return from closed door session at 8:36 p.m.  Motion carried unanimously.
9. Mr. Norville moved, seconded by Mrs. Kimball, the Board table action on whether the student was given due process by the TVCC Disciplinary Committee.  Motion carried unanimously.
10.    Mr. Monk moved, seconded by Dr. Risinger, the Board table action on the groundskeeping and custodial outsourcing proposals. Motion carried unanimously.
11. The Board discussed the longevity plan that was developed by the staff.  The Board appreciated the efforts and intent of the plan and suggested that the plan be included in the FY12-13 budget discussions.

12.    Mr. Stone moved, seconded by Mr. McGee, the Board adopt the attached resolution regarding goods in transit.  Motion carried unanimously.
13.    There was discussion on the proposed location of the new Health Sciences Building.  The Board asked President Forgey to include land in the Mabank area to be evaluated as a potential location.  
14.    Mr. Monk moved, seconded by Mr. Day, the Board approve allowing retired eligible Board members to acquire health insurance through the college plan at expense of the retired Board member. Motion carried 8 – 1 with Mr. Norville dissenting.
15. Mr. Endres moved, seconded by Mr. Norville, the Board approve the revision to the Standard of Conduct Exhibit DH. Motion carried unanimously.
16.    Mrs. Kimball  moved, seconded by Mr. Day, the Board approve the Spring/Summer Continuing Education schedule of classes and associated tuition and fees. Motion carried unanimously.
17. There was no closed session to discuss personnel or land.
18.    Mr. McGee moved, seconded by Mr. Norville, the Board approve the following personnel actions:
    a. Retirements/Resignations
    b. New Hires:
      (1) Assistant to the Registrar, Athens
      (2) Mechanical Engineering Technology Instructor, Athens
      (3) Others as needed
    c.   Reclassifications
       (1) Charlie Hueber, Judicial Officer
        Motion carried unanimously.

19. Mr. Stone moved, seconded by Mr. Norville, to adjourn the meeting at 9:32 p.m.  Motion carried unanimously.
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