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Trinity Valley Community College maintains a robust system of planning and assessment. Over 120 assessment plans split almost evenly between academics and administration are created annually. Education plans are named Learning Enhancement Annual Plans (LEAPS) and administrative plans are named Administrative Outcomes (AO). The assessment plans have multiple outcomes that are managed by a web-based assessment system called Xitracs. Help is available within the Xitracs system from under the Library button or question mark icon (?). Plan users are typically educational division chairpersons or administrative managers. Plan administrators are normally Associate Vice Presidents or above for educational plans and Administrative Executives for administrative plans. Outcome creators use Microsoft word forms (available at the links below) for submission of outcomes to the plan users for inclusion in the annual plan. Educational Outcomes must be associated with at least one of the College's General Education goals which are listed on the educational outcome form. Administrative Outcomes must be associated with at least one of the Colleges 2015-2020 strategic planning goals which are listed on the Administrative Outcome Form. Completed assessment plans from previous years are viewable online here.