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Helen Reid, EdD, MSN, RN, CNE

Health Science Center Provost

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Dr. Helen Reid
Health Science Center Provost


Helen Reid is Health Science Center Provost and is responsible for its management and day to day operations. She provides leadership for the health occupations division on all campuses. She supervises the formulation and implementation of policies and standards within the division. She is also responsible for making sure the health science programs are in compliance with the rules and regulations mandated by various state and educational agencies. She serves on several state and national boards and does much to advance the Associate Degree of Nursing and the TVCC health occupation programs.

Provost Reid holds a Bachelor of Art's degree in Biology from UT-Austin, a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from UT-Arlington, a Master of Science in Nursing from Texas Woman's University in Dallas, and a Doctor of Education degree from the University of North Texas in Denton. She is a certified nurse educator.


Dr. Helen Reid, EdD, MSN, RN, CNE, FAADN

Posted Date:
3/30/2022 4:44:06 PM