TVCC Cardettes offer many unique opprotunities for any age dancer. 

From clinics, workshops, camps and then auditions, there is something for everyone.  Our mission in each one of our events is to give you another chance to pick up material in a different manner to allow you to blossom into a talent and entertaining dancer with correct technique and performance.  Every event promises to be a environment that you will feel comfortable in stepping out of your comfort zone and ready to learn to your fullest.  


Registration is easy.  Simply bring your confirmation e-mail adn photo ID with you when you arrive and enjoy the event.  


Come and experience one, two or all of them!  









Come back to get information on more upcoming events like:

Cardette Spring Production  - April 20-22, 2018

NEW Dance Your Heart Out Camp  (1 day) -  June 18, 2018

Dance Your Heart Out Camp (3 day) - June 19-21, 2018

Dance Your Heart Out mini Camp (ages 11-14) - June 22-24, 2018