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Audition Dates

Two different audition sessions will be held in the months of May and June. 2024 Auditions will be held on Saturday May 11th, and Saturday June 22nd.

*Hopefuls are encoraged to attend Cardette Clinics throughout the year. This gives hopefuls an opportunity to earn a Fast Pass, and become an early signee! Hopefuls can register for upcoming events through the TVCC Cardette Linktree .


Audition Forms

Cardette Hopefuls, apply to audition for the team here: 2024 Cardette Audition Application

Cardette Hopefuls, apply to Trinity Valley Community College here: New Students Page 

Directors, provide recommendations for Cardette Hopefuls here: Cardette Hopeful Director Recommendation Form

Provide non-dance recommendations for Cardette Hopefuls here: Cardette Hopeful Non-Dance Recommendation Form


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If you are a Cardette Hopeful with audition questions, email the Assistant Director of Cardettes at megan.carson@tvcc.edu.

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3/21/2024 5:05:11 PM