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The Xitracs System helps TVCC manage its compliance reporting, planning and assessment processes. The system includes a number of modules which are available depending on the software licensed. TVCC is licensed for the following modules:

Xitracs Standards provides a structured means of gathering and managing all of the information required for an agency compliance report submission, using a pre-configured compliance matrix that is available for the major accreditation agencies. Additional agency standards can be added as required, to meet the needs of other compliance and regulatory bodies.
Xitracs Credentials enables users to enter and manage faculty qualification and course syllabus information, plus supporting documents. This data can then be used to generate static or dynamic reports.
Xitracs Planning enables users to build plans and assign sections and due dates to team members.
Xitracs Programs provides a flexible and intuitive solution to managing program assessment reporting and curriculum online.
Xitracs Assessment lets you create assessment reports quickly and easily. You can create tasks to collect and score sample student artifacts, link them to outcomes and score them using rubrics.
The Xitracs Portal provides a means of gathering data from other stakeholders, specifically faculty and staff, without the need for them to be users on the Xitracs system.

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