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History & Government - AA Degree, Liberal Arts Major

Engl 1301 (3 Hours) English Composition I
Hist 1301 (3 Hours) US History I
Educ/Psyc 1300 (3 Hours)
Core Math (3 Hours)
Social & Behavioral Science (3 Hours)
Engl 1302 (3 Hours) English Composition II
Hist 1302 (3 Hours) US History II
Spch 1315 or 1321 (3 Hours)
Suggested Pathway Elective (3 Hours)
Arts 1303 (3 Hours)
Social & Behavioral Science (3 Hours)
Govt 2305 (3 Hours) Government & Constitution
Life & Physical Science (4 Hours)
Language, Philosophy, & Culture (3 Hours)
Hist 2311 (3 Hours) Western Civilization I
Geog 1303 (3 Hours) World Regional Geography
Govt 2306 (3 Hours) Texas Government & Constitution
Life & Physical Science (4 Hours)
Hist 2312 (3 Hours) Western Civilization II
Suggested Pathway Elective (1 Hour)
Span 1411 (4 Hours) Elementary Spanish I
Hist 2301 (3 Hours) Texas History
Engl 2311 (3 Hours) Technical Writing
Engl 2327 (3 Hours) American Literature I
Engl 2328 (3 Hours) American Literature II


Please note this is a suggested degree plan, students should consult an academic advisor early in their degree programs of study.


TVCC Career Coach

Are you interested in learning more about what you can do with a History degree?   Then, visit TVCC's Career Coach which features an interactive tool that allows you as the student to browse by subject and explore the types of careers along with potential salary information and needed degree for career.  There is also a career assessment that you can take for suggestions of careers based on your interests.  The TVCC Career Coach can be found here:  TVCC Career Coach


TVCC Social Sciences Institutional Scholarship

In order to be eligible to receive a TVCC Social Sciences Institutional Scholarship, a student must be enrolled in a social sciences course during the semester in which they receive the award.  Students must have completed the FAFSA form.  A student does not have to be eligible to receive FAFSA in order to receive an institutional scholarship; however, they must have applied for FAFSA.  All forms will be reviewed the week prior to the fall or spring semester beginning.  Any student that is awarded an institutional scholarship will be notified by email and phone.  Please contact division chair, Donna Bennett at with any questions concerning the institutional scholarship or application form.

Trinity Valley Community College Social Sciences Scholarship Application


TVCC History Faculty


Daniel Allen received his BA in History (2006) and Master of Science in Education (2007) from Harding University.  He also received a MA in History from the University of Texas at Permian Basin (2009) and a Ph.D. from Texas Tech University (2014).  In his spare time, Dr. Allen enjoys spending time with family, especially his wife Kristal and two daughters Preslee and Brynlee.  Further, he enjoys activities like hunting and fishing, as well as reading and working with his hands.  Dr. Allen can be reached at or 903-675-6244.

Christina Campbell is an adjunct instructor in Government and History at TVCC.  Early in her academic career she attended TVCC-Athens before finishing a Bachelor’s of Science in Communications with an emphasis in Journalism at the University of Texas at Tyler.  After spending several years as both a newspaper writer an photographer, she subsequently completed a Masters of Arts in History from Sam Houston State University.  Then she received a Masters in Arts in Political Science with an emphasis on Constitutional Law from the University of Texas at Dallas.  While currently teaching for TVCC, she is also working on her dissertation on Human Rights Law at the University of Texas at Dallas in order to complete her PhD.  She uses her varied interests to help students not only learn about History and Government, but also to find out how each affects students every day.  Christina Campbell can be reached at

Noelle Depperschmidt, M.A., is a professor of History and Government who joined the TVCC History and Government Department in 2012.  Previously, she taught at Texas Woman's University, in the Dallas County Community College District, and in North Central Texas Colleges.   She enjoys teaching a wide variety of courses, participates in Correctional Education, long distance Education, and dual credit instruction.  Her special academic interests include 19th century history, environmental history, Constitutional law, and the fascinating relationship between political communication, legal policy making, and political action.

Professor Depperschmidt was an undergraduate student at the University of Maryland, College Park, and enjoyed being an exchange student in Kassel, Germany.  She received her bachelor of arts degree in History from Texas Woman’s University, and continued her studies to receive her master’s in both History and Government from Texas Woman’s University.  When taking her classes, it is important that Professor Depperschmidt's students receive the necessary critical thinking, communication, researching and writing skills to pursue future, professional endeavors of their choice.  You may contact her at any time or 903/675-6329

Gene Gerard earned his B. A. and M.A. degrees from the University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma.  He has taught history and religion for 26 years.  He has been teaching history at TVCC on an adjunct basis since 2012.  He is married and lives in Garland.  Gene Gerard can be reached at or 214/763-6132.

Ms. Godwin began her college career at TVCC where she earned both Associate of Applied Science and Associate of Arts degrees.   After earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science and History at Texas A&M Commerce, she continued her education at the University of North Texas where she earned a Master of Science degree in Political Science and History.  Her graduate study included in-country research and study in many Central American countries, Cuba, North Africa, and at the U.N. War Crimes Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia at The Hague, Netherlands.  Professor Godwin studied Arabic and Arab culture in Morocco as well. 

Ms. Godwin began her teaching career as a teaching fellow at the University of North Texas and continued on to teach as an adjunct instructor at Stephen F. Austin State University, the University of Texas at Tyler, Dallas Community College, and the Palestine campus of TVCC.  She has now come full circle and returned to her academic home, Trinity Valley Community College, Athens.

Al Kyle earned a BA degree in English and History from Southern Methodist University, and an MS degree in Political Science from East Texas State University.  He worked in public school for fifteen years as a teacher and coach.  In this role he taught English, History, and a course called “Information and Problem Solving”, which involved one semester of computer instruction and another semester of career exploration. He coached basketball, volleyball, track, cross-country, and tennis. Al has taught at TVCC Terrell since 2001, first as an Adjunct Instructor, and since 2006, as a full-time Instructor. He currently teaches Government and History, but has also taught English and Economics in the past. Al’s wife, Kay, is a long-time teacher and tennis coach in the Highland Park School District. They have two daughters, Christie, who is also a TVCC Instructor, and Ali, who is a nurse. Contact information for Al Kyle is or 972-563-4933.    

Dr. Marianne Leeper is happy to be your Trinity Valley Community College (TVCC) history professor.  She was born in DeQueen, Arkansas, and her family resides in southwestern Arkansas and the Texarkana area. She received her undergraduate degree and Ph.D. in history from the University of Texas-Arlington. She received her Master's degree in Public Administration from the University of Arkansas-Little Rock. She worked on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. for three years, for an Oklahoma Congressman on the House of Representatives side as both a Scheduler and Office Manager.  She has been a professor at TVCC for thirteen years, and loves teaching at TVCC.  Dr. Leeper retired from TVCC in 2017 and enjoys teaching as an adjunct instructor.   Instructors are of the highest caliber, and students are intelligent and challenging.  For her leisure time she likes to travel, watch TCM movies, and read biographical and mystery books. Also, she enjoys her miniature schnauzer dog.  Please contact Dr. Leeper at  

David Powell received his BA from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. He also received a JD from the University of Texas School of Law and an MA in history from the University of Texas at Tyler. He has been teaching full time at TVCC since the fall of 2017; before that, he was a full time instructor at North Central Texas College. He teaches American History classes. David lives in Tyler with his wife, Liliana Powell, and his two daughters, Sara and Nelly. David Powell can be reached at ?

Rob Risko says he has the high honor and privilege to work with many excellent students with over twenty years of teaching.  He shares the view of perhaps the greatest Texan of all time, Sam Houston, that Texas is "the finest portion of the Globe that has ever blessed my vision."  His passion for history originated out of a profound love for tales about colorful figures who lived extraordinary lives.  As a child, he could sit for hours on the porch of his grandparents' rural home in Gonzales County listening to stories of relatives who came to Texas seeking a better life, fought Santa Anna, and participated in the Runaway Scrape.  They made the past come alive for him.  History was a real place just down the road, over the natural rock bridge, and past the peanut fields.  Their stories were more than a remote, abstract connection.  His favorite story recounted the tale of his grandmother's grandfather, Hugh McGuffin, an Irish immigrant from Northern Ireland who lived on a plantation outside Natchitoches, Louisiana.  While a footnote in most Texas histories, the young Irishman had cared for a weak, sickly Moses Austin on his return trip home to Missouri from Mexico in 1821.  Perhaps Austin could have found care and lodging elsewhere, but fate guided him to the doorstep of Rob Risko’s family where he regained his health.  Had Austin failed to return home, Texas history might have had a very different outcome.  Years later as a graduate student combing the archives of the General Land Office at Austin for a research project, Mr. Risko discovered a series of letters from Stephen F. Austin to McGuffin thanking him for his father's care and safe return.  History had come full circle for him.

When he is not teaching or writing, he enjoys watching sports, hiking, and just about anything outdoors. Athletics has been a big part of his life.  He was fortunate to play four years of collegiate football at Southern Methodist University under the Hall of Fame Coach, Forrest Gregg.  His impact on Mr. Risko’s personal development was tremendous.  That team was the first and only squad in NCAA history to field a team after the infamous "death penalty."  Coach Gregg, a native Texan from Sulphur Springs, often quipped that "life like football will knock you down, you have to be tough enough to get up and be ready for the next play."   That advice has served him well in many areas. 

Rob has a Masters of Art with a specialization in History from the Univeristy of Texas at Tyler.  Rob Risko may be reached at, or 903/675-6346.

Suzie Smith earned her BS from Texas A&M Commerce and her MSIS from the University of Texas in Tyler.  She teaches American History, Federal and Texas Government, as well as speech on the Terrell campus and online.  She has been part of the TVCC community since November, 2004.  Her passion is teaching.  She loves walking into the classroom and speaking to her students about “what is going on in our world.”  She is married to Carlton Smith and has three children, Sam, Bridgett, and Kaytie, and five sweet grandchildren, Patrick, Toni, Bryce, Brynn, and Bexley.  Mrs. Smith may be reached at or 972-563-4945.

Larry Wade Jr. has been teaching online geography and history courses at TVCC since 2001 as an adjunct instructor. He received his B.A. and M.I.S. degrees from Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas. He and his lovely wife Darlene, who have been married since 1979, have two sons, Larry III and Christopher.  Research interests in geography include the Middle East and Canada. Research interests in history include African American history and contemporary U.S. history (since 1945). Contact Larry Wade at

E. Michael Young grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and earned a BA in history at California State University, Los Angeles (magna cum laude), a masters in history a California State University, Northridge (graduated with “distinction”), and a masters in political science at Texas State University, San Marcus (with a perfect 4.0). He has taught history and government at Navarro College, LeTourneau University, Austin Community College, and is currently teaching at Trinity Valley Community College in the piney woods of East Texas. Mr. Young has published several articles on topics of American political history and has written two books: Growth of the American Republic (Kendall Hunt, 2016) and The Great State of Texas (Kendall Hunt, 2017).  He teaches government and history at the Palestine campus and online.

Mr. Young loves to travel overseas and across America. He has travelled to eight countries and 36 states. He has a goal of visiting all 50 states before his son reaches eighteen years of age. Living on Lake Palestine, one of the 5,600 lakes in Texas.  Mr. Young enjoys swimming, boating, hiking, and camping with his wife and son. He also enjoys playing guitar and discovering old country and folk songs.  Michael Young may be reached at or 903/729-7061













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